Lust and the Poisoning of the Mind

There is a rising lust epidemic. The world of sexual perversion is raising its distorted head and demanding that we all justify it. Lust has no ethical code once it takes over some one’s life. The lust for same sex gratification is a rebellion against the Creator and his plan for us. When pride takes over the heart it will rebel against its own design and the expectations of his or her Creator obvious in that design. The proud boy rebels against his gender and builds a fantasy of being the other or a girl longing for power over girls that tease her and finds it in exploiting other girls whom they get sick pleasure by dominating them and particularly those that are already abusing their own bodies.

It’s well known that the visual element of sexual interest has no identifiable biological basis and there is certainly no pheromonal, subconscious component of same sexual drive. It is simply the choice of the individual persuaded by spiritual and social forces and cultivated by fantasising and perverse sexual encounters and exploitation. Giving into lust seems adventurous and exciting because of the adrenaline rush that comes from danger that can heighten the hormonal high and etch the experience into one’s memory. Like the skydiver that craves jumping out of airplanes at 10,000 ft even though he knows that the chutes sometimes don’t work right.

There are very clear reasons why those that refuse to leave same-sex lust and abuse behind and turn diligently to godly desires and behavior will be denied the kingdom but instead will be destroyed for such choices. Jesus taught that if your eye offends you, pluck it out! and if you hand offends you, cut it off! for it is better to enter into Heaven blind or disabled then to remain whole and be cast into hell. Do whatever it takes to preserve your soul! If you abuse other people, you will pay….. It’s all about respecting the way we were made as well as others and honoring our Creator as His creations.

Satan is becoming bolder and bolder and driving people under his control to do more bizarre and outrageous things in an attempt to drive them and us away from God. We can’t depend on chemicals to keep ourselves under control, we need to keep our minds and hearts clean by the washing of the Word, the scriptures, and regular fellowship with believers and the Lord Jesus by prayer and meditation.

Men need to respect one another and women need to respect one another! Satan wants to pollute our minds with lust. We must refuse to let him and live in contentment with the roles our gender that He has given us dictates.

Wayne Hollyoak

Misplaced Dreams

It seems funny to hear someone say that they “misplaced” something. We like to cover for a person that has lost something by saying they “misplaced” it. And it often is said tongue in cheek. But, when it comes to ambitions, so many of those “dreams” of fame and fortune never get realized and it can take its toll on our spirit.

I’ve had so many dreams that have faded from view. Some quickly fall to realizations that it takes skills I don’t have or I see past it somehow. Some I’ve put lots of time and effort into and nothing came of it. It always seems that it’s all the other stuff that goes on in between that matters in the long run. Conversations and working in the garden with my wife. Watching birds in the back yard. Or, best of all, reminding a friend that God is there and interested in them. Writing a post on my blog that noone has ever responded to. (except Smokey and some close friends in person) Teaching a group of people about God’s plan!

I’ve dreamed of being a scientist, a luthier, an animator, a musician, a world touring motorcyclist, a racecar driver, a pro bowler, a sailboat captain, and the list goes on. But, in the process of making Christ Lord of my life my perspective has turned from dreams to reality. God’s Holy Spirit is trying to change my heart of stone into a gentler heart of flesh. Instead of going after my own dreams, He is showing me that dreams are vapors that vanish once achieved.

The greatest of all ambitions anyone can have is to please our Creator. This was Jesus’ number one focus, to please His Father even though He and His Father were One! He was charting the course for all of us to follow. All of us need to follow Jesus if our real goal is to live. None of my “best human achievements” amount to a hill of beans compared to the least bit of obedience and faithfulness to my heavenly Father.

My manerisms and lack of social skills have put a nix on so many of my vain dreams and it’s hard for me to appreciate how that has worked to my advantage by clearing the way for me to focus more on what really matters. Now that I’m about to have my 60th birthday, I’m seeing through so many of my great human ambitions and dreams as just hoping to be admired by people who like myself will one day pass away.

That’s not true for our devoted and loving Creator. If we live for Him, that appreciation will never fade!

Wayne Hollyoak