Seriously, Why are You So Serious?

There seems to be a need to balance between “Living in the moment.” and “Taking life seriously.”  They aren’t two diametrically opposed things. The trick is to know when each should come into play. I suppose the key is to live in the moment as much as you can without compromising our integrity towards our Creator and our fellow man. It’s the danger of “getting carried away” with some sort of vain obsession that can mess things up.

But, the main priority should always be to maintain a godly conscience by the renewing or our minds by the Word of God and living in the moment with a “clear conscience” in that context. That means knowing the scriptures well enough to have a clear understanding of what our Creator expects from us so that we can live our lives to the fullest in the safety and security of His blessing. To see ourselves as created beings and appreciating Christ’s huge investment in us as individuals and making the most of our time on this earth and the talents that our heavenly Father has given us is the greatest joy and blessing!

Wayne Hollyoak

Go Figure

Today, we are living in a sort of Darwinian knee-jerk society. The older generation is being accused of holding out on the younger generation about the news about all the “great enlightenment” regarding our “origins” and as the [popular singer said, “no more religion”. Many are so convinced that our great, great……. grandparents were hairy tree-dwellers of some sort. Go Figure!

Now everything that our parents represent is tainted somehow and needs to be replaced with something “new”. The popular political platform is, “it’s time for change”. It reminds me of Yogi Berra’s quip, “You can use cash, which is just as good as money!” Like what kind of change are you talking about? Handguns for all grade school teachers? Eliminating heterosexuality? How far with this go? Go Figure!

Some of the states are beginning to see a backlash to all this social darwinism as people are starting to see through its real motives. Abortion really reveals the dark side of the darwinian force. Lust-driven sexual behavior where the standard is, “if it feels good, do it- we’re all animals anyway” has come at a dire cost. Children are becoming more and more disposable. Doctors are asked to be executioners and healthcare workers get fired for speaking out. Go Figure!

Our heros have become entertainers, ball players, musicians and scientists. Go Figure!

It wasn’t that long ago that young people saw their parents, teachers and pastors as heros and wanted to be like them.  Yup, things have changed…

Go Figure!

Spring is Here!

Here on the US East Coast we finally got some warm weather. Don’t think I’ve appreciated the coming of spring quite this much in a long time. We’ve had a harder winter than usual and it really amazes me how resilient the plants and wildlife are. With the temperature just creeping above the 40 degree mark (farenheit) there were already lots of moths flying around at night. Toads are back in full force after their seeming disappearing act. I know that frogs winter under the muck in ponds and streams, but where do all these land lubbing toads go?

I hear that some toads of other places can seal themselves in some sort of mud ball and go into some sort of suspended animation for several years in order to survive droughts. Makes me wonder how many other creatures are designed to endure droughts in such a way.

Spadefoot Toad
Great Basin Spadefoot Toad


This toad can dry out like a prune and stay that way for years until water returns and he can reconstitute like nothing ever happened!

How many other creatures are also engineered this way by their Creator?
Wayne Hollyoak