Tear Down This Wall

Don't let manmade walls stand between you and your Creator
Who Cares More About You than Your Creator?

How did a bungling pursuit like “science” ever gain so much respectibility? The same outfit that pushes evolutionism on us and our children has somehow become the final word on everything from chewing gum to the origin of the universe and how many of such may exist! They set about to determine the details of everything using mathematical formulae and statistical permutations and such. They focus intently on the whats and wheres, but could care less about the hows(if it doesn’t fit into their evolutionary paradigm) and whys. And if it’s a question about the whos, it’s always limited to themselves and they couldn’t care less about what anyone else thinks outside of their elite.

According to science we are told in effect, “Life has no meaning other than what we place on it.” How did we get here? Is there a significance to human existence, or any real reason to live? Perhaps a fifth of the human population has been wiped out by our social Darwinian policy of “abortion on demand” with China’s “one child policy” and “Roe V Wade” endorcing and even enforcing the wholesale slaughter of human children whithin what should be the safety and security of their mother’s womb! This is the new “scientific age” ethic. We sit down and turn on the TV and tell the “kids” to go out and play on the freeway. Poverty is defined as anyone that doesn’t live like a king.

Violence as a Game
Ever visit a Video Game Store?

Deuteronomy is a book in the Bible that tells of the duplicity of the nation of Israel. Of how they lived in a cycle of sinful godlessness and disaster followed by sorrow, faith, repentence and the determination to please their Creator for a few generations and then they would forget all the grace, and goodness of the Creator. Once again they would find themselves acting as though the Creator didn’t exist, so His meaning for their existence was forgotten and evil would take over and godly virtue despised.

So, today we watch shows on TV with names like, “Criminal Minds”, “Crime Scene Investigation” and “Sex in the City” and idly stand by as our children play all sorts of violent human killing simulation games and fear to discourage some of their desire to own and use firearms.

We are seeing the fallout from our push towards godlessness, with science acting as the new pontificate if you will. Tragedy looms ahead for America, China and the rest of the world because we are livinig in ignorance of our Creator and Sustainer. We need to tear down the walls that we are putting up to silence the Creator’s voice and focus on appreciating Him, recieving His forgiveness through Christ Jesus and let His Spirit fill and guide us. Not some fictional “Historical Jesus” imagined by so called, “modern scholars”, but the Jesus that is faithfully taught by his Apostles in the Bible.

Wayne Hollyoak