Artistry, Beauty and Love

I’ve been a big fan of “Antiques Roadshow” over the years. Stuff that has been “hand-crafted” with skill and care seem to fetch the highest value among merchants and collectors of old stuff. A lady brings in some old carved pale green stone bowls and blushes when the small bowls are worth a better part of a cool million.

Now, I think green bowls are nice, but BOWLS?? What about one of those bright red birds out on my bird feeder? Or one of the several squirrels dancing from tree to tree a little distance from the cardinals? What about one of those trees? We have lots of black locust and wild cherry trees behind our house. The black locust command a certain respect because of the needle sharp thorns that cover their branches.

The Handsome Cardinal!

We have those dazzling red cardinals in abundance and they seem to resemble the larger and more rambunctious blue jays -except for size and color of course. Just as the red of the cardinal seems redder than red, so does the blueness of the blue jay get your attention. Those colors aren’t from pigments in their feathers or skin we are told. But are produced by selective reflection of light sort of like a prizm. Their feathers are engineered to reflect only certain wavelengths of light based on a precise knowledge of the optical properties of the plastic-like material secreted by quill folicles all over the bird’s body.

Not only does the feather give the bird a pleasing sense when viewed by the human eye, but it forms an optical grid over the bird’s body that retains infrared wavelength light coming from the bird’s body enabling the cardinals and blue jays to happily feast on peanuts and seeds in the middle of winter cold winds and snow.

We are surrounded by a world full of wonder, living creatures of every sort imaginable and more. All engineered for us! Teaching us the meaning of words like marvelous, magnificent, gorgeous and stuff like that… It’s art in 3 dimensions, no 4 cause it’s living and breathing and active, no 5 cause it reproduces itself so that all generations of men and women can enjoy them, be inspired by them, be renewed and rejuvenated by watching them and beholding their beauty and perhaps grasp the love that went into their existence in our lives.

Wayne Hollyoak

The One Foundation for Mankind!

Now that I’ve cleared the air and we can see more plainly that we are indeed created beings, it’s time to focus on the Creator Himself and His plan for us. Jesus created us and everything and He also gave us a book as His guide for living- the Scriptures. Yes, the Bible or the Law and the Prophets and the New Testament.

The Word of God is Jesus the Christ and the one and only written standard for knowing God is through His Bible. If you place human inventions such as “science” above the Bible as an authority for truth, you will fail. Science and other forms of human intellectualism without a strong foundation in the Bible teachings is, “the blind leading the blind” and both will fall in the ditch. Those of us that want to know Jesus sincerely will set the Scriptures as our only source of knowledge about Him since He clearly states, “in the volume of the Book it is written of me”.

Be very careful though, some believers treat the Bible as though IT IS God, which is idolatry pure and simple. You do not have to believe everything in the Bible to be saved, Jesus never taught that. He did teach that you must believe Him to be saved. It pleased God to use imperfect men like ourselves to be the instrument of His Manual for mankind. I can say without a doubt that the Bible is orders of magnitude way more trustworthy than any other human writings!

Is the Bible written with a “slant”? You bet! The Spirit of God wants to bring us to faith in the Messiah, Jesus the Christ! God’s Spirit was the inspiration of the entire volume. The more you analyse it and attempt to figure out who wrote what and this and that, the more it’s message will allude you.

Read it! Trust it! Get to know the real foundation for our existence and the gateway to our futures- Jesus the Christ!

Wayne Hollyoak