Why Evolution is a Hoax at Best

Evolution as a theory of origins completely humiliates science. It makes a creator god out of mutation and adaptation and so-called “natural selection”. It insists that all of the diversity of life on earth is the result of a designer that must (by the declaration of the US Supreme Court) be taught in public schools as having an IQ of ZERO!

Evolution as a theory of origins or in other words as a “creation story” stands in the face of everything we know about how complex things are brought into being. Whether it be a whicker basket or a space shuttle, and certainly something an order of magnitude more complex and efficient like a living cell, you will always need someone with adequate skills and resources to put it together. A basket requires a certain level of skill and intelligence, a space shuttle was the result of a team of the world’s best engineers with proven intelligence, a living cell cannot come into existence without the required skill and intelligence! No matter how you try to slice and dice mutation and adaptation, without the required intelligence or decision making skills, and resources required, a living reproducing cell (much less a fish, or ant, or human) could not have come into existence!

So, what do I conclude about how this great creation came about? I admit that I don’t have much more than a few sentences about it given to us by the One behind it. I must be carefull not to interpret those passages of scripture or alter them to say what I like. The One that engineered life on earth is One that deserves deep respect for the record He has given us. Is the New Testament the only place where our Creator uses parables? I don’t know! It’s not my place to judge and neither is it yours.

The theory of evolution as a creation story is just a justification for blasphemy and nothing more. It’s an abnomination that a godless generation wants to throw up in the face of the Creator of the universe and us. The Creator that proved His love for us and sustains us at this very moment. The One that deserves our love, confidence and the highest respect. It attempts to take away our Creator’s rights to his creation including us and reducing His reality to just “blind faith, sentiment, tradition, human imagination” or worse.

Wayne Hollyoak

What’s Going On?

A popular singer wrote a song once with that name. He wrote it at a time when there was lots of protesting about civil rights and the war in Vietnam. I’ve listened to it many times since it has a James Jamerson bass part in it and I play bass guitar and like hearing him play. But, one of the lines in the lyrics say, “we’ve got to find a way…”.

This is the way that I am going to tell you about! Most of you realize that we are part of a created world and we are here by His doing. We are not our own! There are others that are convinced otherwise and I suppose that I was in that position as a college student many years ago. I can only hope and pray that you might reconsider as I did.

But, those of you that understand our status as created beings with futures that are in that Creator’s hands, I want to let you know that there is a fantastic and wonderful future for anyone that choses to embrace Jesus Christ as their Savior personally. That future starts here in this life in perhaps somewhat humble but deeply rewarding ways, but in the next life, well, “eye has not seen nor ear heard, the things that God has prepared for those that love Him…”

If you are willing to make Jesus’ way your way and follow Him, you will start to see your Creator’s plan for you as a person begin to unfold! It is SO AMAZING, knowing that the Creator of the universe is guiding your life and has special plans for you! He has taken away all the sin and errors of our past by letting Himself be nailed to a cross as an innocent man so that we could be received into His kingdom as totally forgiven -when we believe. If you haven’t read the New Testament, go ahead and read it and see that I am telling the truth.

When I came to faith in Jesus, I was a young man that wanted so much to live right. But, was so powerless to live unselfishly. Then I learned about the scripture that says, “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation. All things are passed away, look! all things become new.” Suddenly I knew there was real hope for a new day for me! Not just a new day, but a new life! It was 35 years ago that I set aside my own ambitions began to accept God’s plan for my life. Since then I’ve been able to face all the problems and difficulties that have come my way with a totally different perspective. One that gives hope instead of defeat.

Wayne Hollyoak

Looking Through a Glass Darkly

US public tv has been running a series of new shows about the universe. It chronicles the “advances” in our understanding of the universe. The “big bang”, the Hubble Telescope, “dark energy” and “dark matter” and stuff like that. First there was the “red shift” and the “expanding universe”, then there was the “big bang idea”, then the establishment for the “age” of the universe at “13.7 Billion Years” based on the supposed accelleration of objects out there and so forth.

They make is sound as if everything has been figured out! The wonderful achievements of man with celebrations and award ceremonies! Now, there are the challenges of “dark energy and dark matter” to tackle. The space telescope has revealed a vast and complex universe most of which is a visual artifact from many millions of years in the past. We have no way of actually telling if any of it is still really there if it’s much further out past our own little galaxy, the “Milky Way”.

In fact, we have only just recently managed to send a probe out beyond this tiny solar system. We think we know so much about the universe and yet as this lonely probe leaves our solar system into open space there is bated breath waiting to find out what open space is really like. So, what’s just outside of our solar system is still a mystery. That might only be a few “light hours” away. So, how much do we REALLY know about these phantoms that we see in the night sky. So many of which existed million and even billions of years ago if they are right about that. For all we know, they may have been removed long ago leaving a visual record a long stream of radiation that could run out at any moment.

Science is a game of educated guessing and NOTHING MORE! The fundamental rule of modern science is, “seeing is believing”. A sort of “photon-based” reality show based on fringe ideas that grab our imaginations. Just like so many scifi shows that paint a loosly “science” based picture of space, the future, etc. But, never seem to touch on financial accountability. How even crude space flight programs like the space shuttle can bring NASA to it’s knees.

Jesus worked long and hard to cultivate a place for mankind to be introduced. He knew full well the price He would have to pay for His efforts and hard work to give us a place that we could enjoy and hopefully appreciate. Maybe you find it hard to believe. But, that won’t make it any less true. Reality is reality.

In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All things were made for Him and by Him. Without Him was not anything made that was made. He came to His own and His own received Him not. But, to as many as received Him He gave them power to become the sons of God. Even to as many as believed on His Name. (The Book of John chapter one)

Wayne Hollyoak