How Can We Get to Know Our Creator?

There is no magic formula, incantation or ritual that can get you in touch with the Creator. The Creator doesn’t want your stuff, He wants you. He doesn’t want your good deeds or donations, He wants you. He doesn’t want your science or religion, He does want you! He wants you, your trust that He IS just as he has been revealed in the Bible. (“He that comes to God must believe that He is and the He is the rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.”) He wants you to confess that Christ Jesus is His only Son- to God and to other people. (“If we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in our heart that God raised Him from the dead, we will be saved.”)

Once you’ve made that connection with our Creator by faith and trust, you can ask Him to fill you with His Spirit to guide and empower you to grow spiritually and learn from Jesus and find fellowship with other believers. He wants to be with you in the good times and the bad.

I’ve had to let go of all those “oppositions of science falsely so called” and learn to accept the reality that they are all guesses based on naturalistic assumptions and a very limited human perspective. The reality of the universe is far more mysterious and it’s pretty much completely out of our reach!

The Bible is there to give us the information that we need the most and we need to know it well and what it has to teach us. I read the New Testament of the Bible several times early on as a Christian and it really helped me get a solid understanding of who the real Jesus IS and what’s expected of believers. The Old Testament teaches us how the Creator set the stage for His coming into our world as Christ Jesus.

Our Creator knows all about you, it’s your turn to get to know Him.

May God Bless You,
Wayne Hollyoak

Darwins’ Pacifier

The Creator has been hard at work in this world ever since He made His offer of salvation to us. His Spirit has been moving faithful men and women to, convince the world of, “sin, of righteousnes and of judgement to come”. Those that will listen to the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus and open their minds and hearts to Him and believe Him will be saved. Those that don’t will be judged as sinners.

For thousands of years people have had a great deal of respect for their Creator and wanted to do whatever was necessary to have a hope in Heaven with Him. God’s Spirit sends each of us reminders and people to help us in this quest to know Him. I was aware of this many times as a young science buff and student of the natural sciences. At least I was aware that there were some rather odd circumstances and coincidences that made me wonder if someone wanted my attention. Someone who had command of events in the world and was guiding my steps at times.

Our Creator deals with each of us in His own wonderful and mysterious ways. This is the true essence of love. He wants what is best for us at His own expense and inconvenience. For the past 2000 years this message has been sent around the world and His book, the Bible has been translated into nearly every existing language. Before too long, His Son, Christ Jesus will wrap things up for mankind. He told us that there would be a great falling away from this faith prior to that day.

Darwin stuck a big pacifier in the mouth of mankind with his bogus creation story. He in complete carelessness and responsibility thrust a wild fantasy about a world designed and created without a creator, and instead filled our heads with an imaginary one that was spontaneously generated. That this fantastic diversity and complexity of living creatures magically put itself in place by a long chain of “favored races” as he put it.

Darwin's famous book cover
Which human races did Darwin favor?

 His most famous book was subtitled, “by Means of Natural Selection” which he goes on to explain as, “or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life” Darwin was saying to us, “Don’t worry about all that Heaven stuff and trying to please a creator! Darwin tries to convince us that there isn’t any heavenly accountability that we need to worry about. The future of this planet is in our hands…” Now, scientist all around the world are singing his lullaby and hoping that they can pacify all of us, everywhere so that we will get behind them as they do their thing.

Your real Creator is still waiting to hear from you… Jesus made us and only He completes us!

Wayne Hollyoak

Huxley’s Hoax

How did science become an antichristian movement? The story is a complex one and I don’t fully understand it. But, there are a few important key players in it’s fall from integrity and usefulness. As far as the role evolutionism has played, there are 2 key figures. Thomas Huxley was a strong proponent of “secularizing” science and a contemporary of the other, namely Charles Darwin.

Huxley got a band of his supporters together and formed the “X-Group”. They would get together every fortnight for dinner at a resturant and discuss how they could eliminate any influence that Christianity might have on the pursuit of science. He hoped that through this activism that he could “free” science to become a more profitable profession and increase their status in the community as the new interpreters of the mysteries of the universe, or as they put it, permit more freedom in the flow of ideas.

One source of irritation for them was the so called, “fixity of species” interpretation of the Biblical reference to how living things are to “reproduce after their kind”. Of course, there really is no need to veiw “kind” as a synonym for “species”. (But, as it would turn out, species would come to be defined as a “interbreeding group” anyway.)

Tom and his buds were looking for some way to drive a wedge between the emerging scientific elitists to get them to push out all humble Bible-believing Christian (“religious”) influence from the “scientific community”. Along came this pigeon breeder and amateur naturalist by the name of Charles Darwin. Darwin was convinced that creatures could adapt and change after many generations to the extent that new species could form in ways similar to the way new breeds of pigeons and plants could be produced by selective breeding.

Huxley saw problems with Darwin’s ideas. He didn’t agree with “natural selection” for one. But, he thought that Darwin could be useful to him as a pawn in his pursuit of the secularization of science. Darwin had a complete atheistic creation story that if it was published could raise science to the elite position that Huxley lusted for. 

Since it is know that Huxley dissagreed with Darwin’s fundamental thesis, but sought to capitalize on Darwin’s credibility and the political power in Darwin’s ideology to achieve his personal goals and that of the X-Group, we must view Evolution as a hoax. About this same time a Monk by the name of Mendel was about to reveal some things about inheritence of traits that would have further devestated Darwins simplistic creation story by showing how variability is actually passed on from generation to generation.

However, there were some things about Darwin’s “evolution” that helped it gain popularity.

!. It supported the “white supremist” mentality of the time. Many of the new scientific elite were slaveholders and Darwins’ view that there were “favored races” was appealing to them.

2. Most Christian pastors and clergy didn’t have a strong background in the natural sciences and so they suck to their guns and used scripture to stave off the attacks against their understanding of creation. This only goaded the superiority complex emerging among the X-group and the science elitists.

3. The blasphemous nature of evolutionism pits those that declare and teach it against their own Maker alienating them from the Spirit of Truth, who is Christ Himself. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and only He can prevent us from believing hoaxes like Huxley’s.

Today, Darwin’s ideas have pretty well been debunked and are now just propped up as “neo-darwinism”. Mendel’s revolution with the new discipline known as, “genetics” has completely overshadowed Darwin’s niave creation story. But, sadly, the break from Christianity has been made and continues to be enforced within the ranks of science. The science elite know that if they allow Christianity back in, that evolutionism will loose it’s appeal and their political power and prestige will be shaken.

Wayne Hollyoak

Evolutionism and Antichrist

In the process of keeping a close eye on the developments regarding the push to institute evolutionism as the state religion in the US, it’s becoming more evident that the real driving force behind the movement is a desire within the scientific community to purge itself of inferior (less evolved) men and women. Those that they label as, “antiscience” officially, and many other less kind things more or less off the record. Not only do they wish to purge their own ranks of all Darwin doubters, but also to infect polititians with their ideologies and establish legislative measures that will prevent any dissention in public education. And, then to further help establish the sci-elite and help further man’s “ascent” to greater intellectual height, culling of inferior humanity through “abortion on demond” must be protected at all cost. Of course this is all supposed to be for the “good of humanity”!

The Book of Revelations, the last book in the New Testament of the Bible, teaches us about how that in the last days of man’s tenure on this planet, that there will be a last stand where the enemies of God and His Son, Jesus of Nazareth and all those who trust Him as their Savior. Through the years since the Lord Jesus’ resurrection, there has been a constant string of suspects as to who would be the seductive and yet abonimable leader of the antichristian movement in those last days.

For many, it was the Pope, others the president at the time, to others it was some powerful European leader or dictator. The problem with all that, is that they only have limited power and resources. What power has had the ability to create devices capable of erasing humanity from the face of the earth? What power has had the ability to train a society to receive annual injections of protect us from, “the flu”? That’s weird, after all we do have an immune system. Do those in the “scientific elite” also get them?? Why has this segment of our society spent 10’s of billions of dollars in order to build a 17 mile long machine just to “test theories” by cracking open protons???? Is it to bring more glory to their antichristian cause? Is the great investment in NASA really to explore space, or to find “the building blocks of life on other planets” in the hopes to once and for all dash and sentiments that we are created beings and establish evolutionism as THE faith.

Consider this, is it any coincidence that the “scientific elite” has fingered Bible- believing Christians as those who are their biggest threat and labels them as “antiscience”. Is that, shall we say, a Fruedian slip? So, if Christians are “antiscience”, what does that make science?

My suggestion to all those Christian considering going into science. Don’t bother! If you already are in it’s ranks, bail out while you can. Your Creator has better things for you. Ask Him to reveal His plan for your career and future.

Wayne Hollyoak