What is Science Like?

Science is like a tiny stone in a stream. The stone tumbles over and over and never gets anywhere because it’s too heavy to be moved by the currents. Science claims to have answers to so many great mysteries about the universe. But, it can’t seem to grasp the significance of human existence. (You read the first book of the Bible and you’ve got it!)

It’s so gullible as to think that life can somehow create itself by a magical process it calls, “evolution”. (Which, in reality is nothing more than lame, ‘spontaneous generation’.) It capitalizes on the Designer’s wonderfully engineered feature of his living creatures called, “adaptability”  and its proponents use such a glorious thing and turn it into a creator itself  in this bizarre fantasy.

What does the Creator teach us about people who try to tell us that there is no God, or Creator? “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” When the first 2 humans were created, they were told by their Creator to not eat, “from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”. Nowadays, what are the most popular shows on TV?  Shows that tell stories of good and evil? We are obsessed with that kind of stuff! We still want to increase our ‘knowledge of good and evil’.

The Creator’s enemy, the devil, used that tree as a tool to con the first man and woman into doubting God’s Word. The devil spoke to them through a ‘serpent’ (which still had legs at this point). Sometimes I wonder if it may have been a velociraptor or some other extinct giant reptile.

The "serpent" spoke and had legs when it tempted the first humans.

The serpent told them their Creator didn’t want them to eat from the tree because it would make them “wise”. Satan conned them saying they wouldn’t die. But, by eating of the tree they did die in their souls. The serpent lost its legs as a result. Hmmm, maybe the demise of some of those dinosaurs that still were around was that they were re-engineered into snakes of the various kinds.

Science is like that tree and is the mouthpiece of the same old serpent to many naive and discontent people that can’t accept God’s ways. It’s the same old con, eat it and you will become “wise”. If they won’t even acknowledge the actual Creator, what good is science? Seriously!

Wayne Hollyoak

More to Space then Meets the Eye

Driving home from work can be a real treat during this time of the year. As the days get shorter and now with Daylight Savings Time in effect, five o’clock in the afternoon means sunset. As we loose sight of the sun down low on the horizon the clouds can become a canvas for the most beautiful paintings you’ll ever get to see.

West virginia Sunset
Sunset in WV

During the day we see the full spectrum light coming from the sun. But, as the sun sets only the reds and pink part of the spectrum come across to light the bottoms of clouds that are closer to the horizon. The hues and tones can be truely amazing! The skies are truly painted for our pleasure and enjoyment. When our Creator designed the atmosphere and the sun, He did so with great care so that it not only supports us, but brings us enjoyment and happiness.

Wayne Hollyoak

The Anesthetist

A guy stands over you and places a gas mask over your mouth and nose. He asks you the count backwards from 100. so you do and next thing you know, the sound of the valve in the mask starts thundering in your brain louder and louder until….. Well, you really can’t remember. But, you are looking around the recovery room and the operation is over. You’re amazed and can’t even tell that anything has happened to you. The appendix is there in a little container of water or something and no longer a threat to your life.

Sometimes you have to be put to sleep for a while so you can be cut open and have things taken out. One day the Creator decided to anesthetise the first man he made so that He could open up his chest and remove one of his ribs. The rib was then used to clone a new person that could complement the first man. This new person was made a little different though. Instead of having an x and a y chromosome, the x was paired with another x chromosome and the result was a woman.

Anesthesia can be a useful tool to help a surgeon make doing his work painless to the patient.  But, in the wrong hands anesthesia can be a powerful means of bringing pain, confusion and even death. There are people that will try to put you to sleep with flattery and wonderful stories (in order to put your better judgement to sleep) so they can milk you of your wealth, reputation, faith and even your soul. You’ve seen those “pitch men” that have some product that will “revolutionize” your life! Just call and let them have $19.95 of your credit!  When the product arrives, you look at it and realize, it’s pretty useless and maybe cost $2 to make. So, it gets tossed in the closet and forgotten.

The pitch man goes home and cashes his paycheck and tries to live with his conscience while you’ve learned to be less trusting about people and something gets taken from your heart. This happened to me as a young college student. Some of my instructors wanted to convince me that faith in my Creator was a bad thing and that science was man at his best. They were pitch-men and women just like the $19.95 ones only their pitch was even more dangerous and crazy.

Maybe you’re one of them and you’ve been telling people that there isn’t a creator that we will one day answer to for what we’ve done with our lives. Maybe you really believe that is so… I came very close to turning against christians just like you. Paul the Apostle did become one until the Creator woke him up from his anesthesia on the road to Damascus and he believed Jesus and began preaching the faith he was trying to destroy.

To know Jesus Christ is to love Him. To not love and trust Him totally is to be asleep, under someone else’s anesthesia and control or maybe you’ve never heard of Jesus Christ before. Either way, you owe it to yourself to look into the Bible’s acount of Jesus life and ministry and not let other people control your opinion of who He is. The Creator came to earth as Jesus Christ and demonstrated His love towards us, his creation. We owe Him a debt we could never pay, so He payed it for us with His brutal death. You can read the Book of John to get a better idea of what I mean.

The enemies of the Creator want to take advantage of us all if they can. I’m so glad that Christ came and opened my eyes and woke me out of my sleep and helped me see thru the attempt being made to put me to sleep. I hope you’ll turn your life over to your Creator as well!

Wayne Hollyoak

Solving the Riddle of Matter

The most powerful and the most despised assumption you can start with in any study of the universe we live in, is “intelligent design”. What do I mean by that? Well, the universe was a well thought out environment to set the stage for the Creator’s crowning achievement- MAN! Man is unique among all of God’s known creation in that man is also creative. In fact, man is so creative that he will even create imaginitive ways to convince the world that the Creator doesn’t exist so that he can feel better about his selfishness and pride.

The Creator designed man in His own image or His appearence. This truth would be manifested when He would enter into our world as a very ordinary looking man born to a virgin young woman. Jesus came and set the world on an entirely different course through His life and teaching. The Creator had come to help his creative creation return to reality. The reality that He designed the universe and everything in it and He was writing a new agreement between Himself and us. A contract signed with His own blood! We no longer were doomed to answer for our rebellion with our own destruction, but we could allow His sacrifice and blood to wash our hearts and minds clean if we would turn from our ways and trust Him and begin learning to obey Him.

You see, the universe works because all the elements, particles, planets, stars, galaxies, space and time all operate according to His design. All of nature obeys Him except for us. He knows what we need to do to benefit His creation. He gave us His book to help us understand reality and learn how to come in line with our calling and designed intent. He gives us the freedom to choose His way or selfishness and eventual disaster.

As for matter, it’s a temporary medium for the story of mortal man to play out. What is it made of and how does it work? Only the Creator knows and He has not revealed those secrets so if we are wise we will leave it be and learn to trust Him that He knows what He’s doing! An it’s there to prove forever that we don’t without His guidance! For, “without faith it is impossible to please Him”… Want to really understand this universe? “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (science)”

Wayne Hollyoak

How Great was the Flood?

Could it be argued that there are quite a few fossils out there? Of course! There are even quite a few areas that have large dinosaurs heaped together as if were deposited there by very powerful forces. Tsunami perhaps, or washed away by extreme flooding and entombed in earth and mud.

I can assure that the flood of Noah was of “Biblical proportions” and that there is no reason to assume that it was a completely “natural” event. There also was likely global deforestation and a following ice-age as a result. Animal remains rarely last longer than 20 years when exposed to the elements. Theiy must be buried not long after their death in order to be preserved in any way.

The earth is an immense flood zone with layers upon layers of sediment and sedimentary rock. Was it all produced by a singe great flood (and associated multitude of tsunamis)? The Bible states that the “fountains of the great deep” were opened. Was this a reference to volcanic activity or rupture of many aquifers or both?

The main thing I want to express is that the flood of Noah’s time was a massive and devestating ecological disaster with worldwide killoff of the existing creatures. It was not a natural event. The creator is in no way subject to natural laws, rather they are completely subject to Him. So, don’t expect the evidence of the flood to be of a natural event. Besides, we’ve all seen what a powerful tsunami can do. Just multiply that by a million and there you have the flood of Noah.

Wayne Hollyoak