The Lake that’s Way Down Under

“….just as they were within a few hundred feet from the surface of the lake.”

How is it possible that the 4th biggest lake in the world was only discovered in the 1970’s? A Russian Antarctic research station was set up years ago and the place was called, “Vostok”. Little did they know that right below them under the 2 mile thick ice sheet was this giant lake. During aerial surveys of the region using special radar it was discovered that there was a vast area deep below the ice at Vostok Station that returned a flat level echo indicating a lake of unfrozen water was present there and at many other places under the ice sheet.

So, there appear to be many lakes under the Antarctic Ice Sheet. But, so far “Lake Vostok” is the largest of them. To date the Russians have not been able to drill all the way through the ice sheet to reach the lake below. They had to stop drilling again this year due to the arrival of winter just as they were within a few hundred feet from the surface of the lake.

Samplings from the “ice cores” brought up from drilling close the the lake have indicated that there could be some forms of “extremophile” bacteria living in this hidden giant lake. As it is, the actual contents of the lake are a complete mystery. Perhaps, later this year when the Antarctic winter is over and the researchers return to their drilling, water from the lake itself will be brought up and studied. But, even then, that will only reveal a tiny bit of the mystery that lies within the vast lake.

There are just as many, if not many times more, mysteries hidden deep within each of our souls. We could learn all about the muscles, bones, nerves, cells, etc. that make up our bodies and how each cell works and yet still not have a clue about the mind or the spirit of a man. Even so, deep down within our hearts are mysteries that only the mind or Spirit of our Creator can reveal. To get there we don’t need a drilling rig, rather we must tap in on the Mind of our Creator. Have you ever read about the woman who met a mysterious Man at a well? It’s in the Book that the Creator gave us that tell his story about His dealings with man, or the His-story of man if you will. Go ahead and get out that Bible, read the Book of John, chapter 4.

Wayne Hollyoak