Surveillance Cameras Everywhere?

Seem like everywhere you look new surveillance cameras are popping up. You have parking lot cameras, stop light cameras, freeway cameras, phone cameras, computer cameras and so-forth. Now there’s “Google Earth” that lets you see any place on earth and even street level 360 degree views of places around the world available to anyone with a computer and internet service.

Not so long ago people were scoffing at the Biblical teaching of the Creator’s Omniscience and Omnipresence. He knows all things and can be everywhere at once at the same time. It occurred to me recently that He has billions of creature all around us all the time and each has a range of sensory devices. He, no doubt, can easily tap in to any He so chooses to observe what’s going on.

He can use the eyes of that grasshopper, or the hearing of that spider in the cupboard if He wishes and use them at any time. Every sensory cell of each living creature including humans is at his disposal at any time. You talk about data collection capability!

Wayne Hollyoak

Obsurd Evolution Assertions and Genetic Integrity

…the birds of paradise illustrate an important point….

Just watched a PBS Nature show about hummingbirds and it seemed pretty interesting until the lady that filmed it introduced her husband. Seems he is making a film about New Guinea’s wonderful “birds of paradise”. He started talking about “sexual selection” driving the evolution of these birds. In other words, he’s claiming that all of the amazingly strange characteristics of these birds are the result of female birds choosing mates with the strangest looks, dances and nests.

The first problem with that logic is that each species of BOP is very different from the other in each of these regards. So each female from each species would have to have a completely different set of neuroses from the other. It’s more likely that each species females have a clear notion about what makes for a mate with a healthy set of genes, not a guy that’s missing something here and there, like some mutant dude. Hey ole boy you better have that yellow spot on your chest right where it belongs if you wanna dance with me!

Of course, here once again you have the cart before the horse. Yes, the female birds of paradise are picky when it comes to choosing mates. But, they only get to pick from what’s available. You could put a bunch of starlings somewhere and make the females as picky about choosing mates as you want and there’s no genetic means for transforming them into anything like birds of paradise aside from intelligent engineering. No matter how many generations you waited, 10 or 100 or a million.

As a creationist, the birds of paradise illustrate an important point. The more delicate the genetics of a creature (species), the more exact and critical you need your mating conditions to be. Mutant birds of paradise can easily subtract from their aesthetic and beauty. So, as you can easily see, the pressure is on for conformity, not transformation! They were designed to dazzle humans, not their females. The females are only making sure that that continues to be the case.

This extreme sort of “sexual selection” actually pushes a creature to ultra conformity to strict standards. That way birds of paradise can remain birds of paradise for generations to come.

Wayne Hollyoak

“Astrobiology” Did I get that right?

So, what do you do if you can’t get evolution to work as a creator of the original forms of life? How about saying that “aliens”, well let’s say alien microbes or something hitched a ride on an asteroid or comet and got the evolutionary ball rolling on earth. Hmm,“astrobiology” gives the idea a ring of credibility?? Evolutionism teaches that “evolution” is at work creating wonderful and unknown life forms all over the universe on “earthlike” planets and such. This mindless creator(evolution) is being credited with designing all of life on earth, why not the galaxies far and near as well?

It’s not enough to steal the glory from the real Creator for designing life on earth. Now, they put the design of all “extraterrestrial” life forms into the “hands” of mindless evolution as well! But, that’s just the way pride works. It can push you so far from reality -along with all those that trust you. “Astrobiology” is a last ditch effort to make a failed theory work. It pushes the problem of the origination of the genetic code of life out beyond earth to “infinity and beyond”. How convenient and it fits nicely with the western obsession with UFOs and aliens and such.

Wayne Hollyoak

I’m Telling You, There is a Rubber Tree!

I’m really hoping that Christians will take a new and more practical approach to the study of the Creator’s environment that we live in. Modern “science” is out to lunch when it comes to “origins”. Without a fundamental grasp of where things came from, how can anyone figure out anything meaningful about the creation?

If you wanted to learning everything about rubber, but all your colleagues insist that there is no such thing as a “rubber tree” and insist that any evidence for their existence is pseudoscience and hogwash. Then, it will be a waste of time to research rubber in such an atmosphere of prejudice.

Many years ago, as a student of entomology at the University of Maryland, I began to doubt evolution. Just looking at the incredible diversity of head shapes of flies alone proved to me that they could not be related. The fact that insects only have functional wings (in all their amazing range of shape and function) in their last stage of development that may only last a few hours if that makes it hard to swallow the notion that their wings were the product of “natural selection” and such.

Anyway, I see no need to mask my position as a “creationist” or a proponent of “intelligent design”. But, it would offend me more if you called me a “scientist”! Science is largely a vain enterprise in its current form!

I encourage all those interested in learning about creation to distance themselves from “science” and give their pursuit a new name like, “creation studies”. That’s how I feel about it anyway.

Wayne Hollyoak

What’s Wrong With Science Today?

Does science really deserve all the praise and accolades that it gets in the media and the press? Is it really the answer to all of the mysteries of life and the universe? Can it cure all of our diseases and solve all our problems? Of course not!

Science has become an expression of man’s desire to become “gods” and the masters of their own destiny. It’s sort of like the adult version of “teen rebellion”. One of the fundamental teachings of “science” is that the “material” world is all that exists. That is, that you should not accept anything as true unless you can test it experimentally.

As a result of this ideology, Christians and other “people of faith” are looked down upon. Why, because they do not look to “science” as their sole source of truth. The “scientific community” seems to have a great deal of difficulty handling the fact that the Creator is beyond their experimental grasp. But, such is the case!

All that “science” has managed to learn about God’s creation and it still can’t get it…

Wayne Hollyoak