It Keeps Getting More Awesome!

Been thinking to myself how we might go about shifting from the approach to studying things that “science” has adopted to a more useful and practical way. How about tossing Latin to begin with. “Creation Studies” is nicely descriptive and doesn’t require a complex definition. Everybody knows just what you’re talking about. Also, since we really have no idea what or if any of the major groups of species are related in any way, why not just call each species by it’s “common name”. Stuff like that will go a long way to making the endeavor much more appreciable to the general public.

Anyway, as I’ve been thinking about those issues the whole picture of this amazing created universe keeps getting more mind blowing. The Creator must have designed the laws that define matter in such a way that it would give him all the flexibility to use a very broad palette to not only get the cosmos on line, but all the living creatures going along with all the infrastructure to support them and us! This is REALLY BIG STUFF, indeed!!!

It really makes me wonder if our focus shouldn’t be more on appreciation of His creation rather than dissecting and manipulating it. It’s like Jesus said, “Who among you by thought is able to add a half meter to his stature? We think we have all this power to “save and preserve nature” but do we? It’s always going to be the Creator’s option to override all we do anyway. After all, He’s put all the investment into putting them here. The whales, the starlings, the pandas, the salmon and all the rest were put here for His purposes which obviously include our direct benefit! What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful thing He has done!

Wayne Hollyoak

Leaving Science Behind and Moving Towards Creation Studies

The complete failure of “science” to help us gain an understanding of the basic reality of the “universe” and living things has left those of us who accept the reality of our existence as created beings with the question of whether it is worth the effort to try to breathe life back into “science” or let it continue to smolder in its grave. Why not just move on and enjoy studying this wonderful creation in a more practical, respectful, humble and productive way?

Do we really need to decode all the genomes out there, or how important is it that we put men on Mars? Who cares what’s at the core of the atom? Aren’t these sorts of pursuits intended to conquer all the mysteries of creation rather than enjoy and appreciate them. Even some “creationists” get caught up in this be trying to prove the age of the earth, or insist that the great flood happened a certain way according to their interpretation of the existing documents. Genesis is an abstract in a sense and the details of the whole story are not available to us. We can guess based on clues in the ground, but I am quite sure that the details of those events will continue to elude us.

Creation Studies need not worry about solving every mystery because it acknowledges the fact that the Mind behind them is way beyond us. Once we think we’ve figured it out, we show ourselves to be ignorant of our own limitations.

Wayne Hollyoak

The Black Hole that Science Has Become

Science has become obsessed with these strange things we call, “black holes”. But, black holes as impressive as they are in their ability to suck in and swallow stars and galaxies, they are no match for the ways that “science” sucks. “Science” is like a dead star that instead of giving light to us it is now only sucking the light out of us. Has “science” died?

The answer is simple. Yes. Why? Because it no longer honors our Creator, and so it no longer has any foundation in reality. It really has become an entirely vain exercise. We have all these wonderful tools at our disposal with which we can study the Creator’s universe. Telescopes, space probes, microscopes, cameras, aircraft and so on to help us explore and learn more about all this wonderful creation, but without a solid foundation in the basic realities of our existence, what good is it all? Nada.

If you aren’t even allowed to give any form of credit to the Creator for all He has accomplished, it’s time to give it the ole “heave ho”.

Those of us who still openly acknowledge the fact of our creation would do well to distance ourselves from the “scientific establishment”. I’d suggest a new name for our quest to learn about nature and the universe, “creation studies”. Just like the reformation’s move to dump Latin for plain English.

“Science” is kind of “duh” word. If you want to say “knowledge” why not just say it in English. But saying, “knowledge” would sound awfully vague! They can have their, “spontaneous generation studies” if they want and give it the name “science”. But, what good is it if it has no context in the reality of how the universe actually came into existence as well as everything in it.

Wayne Hollyoak