Science, Ignorance’s Spoiled Child

We live in this amazing age of ease and convenience that has come about largely due to the application of the teachings of Jesus to human endeavor. How did the industrial revolution begin? The “Protestant Reformation” put the Bible into the hands of the masses and let them learn that stuff like “indulgences” and “priests” and “penance” and “popes” and even “religion” itself aren’t things instituted by God, but rather things imposed by men.

You see, men had learned that the best way to milk your fellow man for all he’s worth is to keep him ignorant of the Creator’s guide book. The precious book that reveals our Creator’s secrets to any man, woman, or child that will open their heart to it and learn from it. As created beings, we have an innate longing to understand our existence. Throughout history men have abused their power and wealth in order to sustain a lifestyle of pleasure, comfort and ease. The “Protestant Reformation” revealed the Biblical teaching that, “If you do not work, you do not eat.” and “let every man work with his hands that thing which is good” and “the workman is worthy of his hire”, and so on.

We also learned from Jesus that, the Creator came as a man to account for the sins (selfishness) and the iniquities (unfairness) of all who would trust Him. We no longer needed to submit to all those funky man-made religious systems that were designed to keep the hard working masses, which they referred to as, “peasants” and such in “their place” so the bums at the top could party away. Our Creator and His book taught us that we have been “created equal” and that “kindness” and “cooperation” can bring people together in peaceful coexistence and allow us to work together for the common good. We learned how to put natural resources to work by inventing “machines” to help us become even more productive. We learned that fairness meant paying men wages and giving them freedom to live their lives now they wish.

Our Creator has given us an incredible amount of freedom which poured out of the teachings of “peasant carpenter”. But Biblical freedom is a function of mutual self accountability and grateful dependency on our Creator. Why does the Creator give us all this freedom? Is it out of His love for us? Without doubt, but also to give us the opportunity to express ourselves and help us understand who we are.

So, what do we do with it? Express our gratitude and appreciation for all that we’ve been given by our Creator? Or will we like spoiled children demand more and more and then throw all of His goodness back up in His face? “Don’t give me no stinkin vegetables, I want sodium and cholesterol and all the trimmings!”

“Hey, we’ve even devised our own system of exploiting the Creator’s world without any concern for giving Him any recognition or thanks for making everything we enjoy possible. “We’ll pride ourselves in our “intellectual integrity” and “resourcefulness and ingenuity” and label it, “science”. Yup, we’re God’s spoiled kid’s alright. Modern science teaches us to take everything that the Creator gives us and defiantly declare that He doesn’t even exist!” What a cruel and ugly reality!

What is a “kid” anyway? An immature goat? The comparison to goats in the Biblical context is by no means complimentary or cute. If you know what I mean… If you don’t, the Creator wants to teach you. His book is easy enough to get a hold of and study for most of us.

Wayne Hollyoak

Education With Edification

Western society places a high value on “education”. People who opt to leave the educational system before high school graduation are called, “drop outs”. But, those that leave the education system for the pursuit of a career, and or, to raise a family are by no means “drop outs”. Many times it’s those that stay in the education system as an excuse to “party” and avoid the responsibilities of real life are the real “drop outs”.

Education is nice and useful in many ways, especially if it leads to edification. It’s like they say, “head knowledge” is trumped by “on the job experience” every time. It’s “experience” that works “edification” into the mix.

For instance, if your education has taught you that a Creator doesn’t exist, I can assure you that the Creator will provide you with ample opportunities to reconsider. “Edification” is sort of the interface between ideology and reality. A real job and responsibilities is one way of edifying ourselves. The worst possible scenario would be to go through the entire educational system and attain a “doctorate” and then go directly into a teaching career. It’s so easy for reality to fade away when people get locked into an ideological loop. This is why internships are so important in the medical profession. They won’t let you practice till you’ve had some practice.

Sadly, in science, the loop is the most highly esteemed goal. You learn, you specialize and learn more, you graduate to research and learn more so you can “publish” articles and books and such and apply your “knowledge” to your findings. And so the interface with reality and life is very limited. It’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. I saw a Haitian woman walking along a street in Port of Prince with a large basket on her head that was full to the brim with eggs. It was an amazing sight and it made me wonder what would happen if she made a wrong step along her way. One step on a banana peel and she would perhaps rethink this means of getting her eggs to market. This is the value of edification.

How can we break out of the education loop and obtain a good dose of edification? In my case it was 3 years on an automobile assembly line prior to finishing my senior year of college. Not only was I edified about basic living and working with other human beings, but I was also able to see how the Creator was at work in my life and in the lives of others around me.

Wayne Hollyoak

Snakes are Weird!

I was walking up my driveway one morning a few weeks ago and noticed a garter snake was stretched across the mulch holding onto a medium sized toad by the backside. The snakes head was tiny in proportion to the medium sized adult toad and yet in about 15 minutes the toad was consumed. Snakes are classified as reptiles and yet they quite different from the others. They lack eyelids unlike lizards and turtles. Though some lizards may have little or almost no legs, snakes not only have no legs, but have ribs almost the full length of their bodies.

Another odd thing about snakes is that as abundant as they are today, they are interestingly scarce in the fossil record. With all the sorts of giant reptiles we call, “dinosaurs” why aren’t there lots of giant snakes among them? I could make many speculations about why this is so. But, their origin is documented in the Bible as being a creature that wasn’t part of The Creator’s original creative efforts. But, rather as a re-engineered “serpent” a creature that presumably had legs. What was this animal anyway? Was it something along the lines of a velociraptor, which is nearly human height and if “Jurassic Park” correctly depicts them as having some vocal ability and being rather intelligent, as far as reptiles go?

When I consider all the species of snakes living today, the thought comes, “hmm, what if each of the dino species was re-engineered into it’s own species of snake?” Well it’s fun to guess about what happened to the dinos and how snakes came to be, but all the Bible tells us is that a legged creature of some sort somehow tempted (thru satanic manipulation) the first humans to do the one simple thing that was forbidden and the outcome was tragic for all. If ever there was a missfit in the reptile world, snakes are it!

Wayne Hollyoak