Why Now?

Being a believer in Jesus has given me an amazingly comprehensive perspective of life and the world we live in. So many of the mysteries of our existence and our future have been spelled out in a simple book. One that gets left and largely ignored in motel night stands all around the US.

The “so called” modern age with all its fantastic transportation, communication, medicine and freedoms all came about in order to fulfill the sayings of Biblical writers and prophets. Our Creator has enabled all this to take place in order for His people to reach all the world and all nations with the good news of Jesus of Nazareth, and His gift of salvation.

Sadly, very little has been made of this opportunity. I have little more than this simple blog and a few other feeble gestures towards getting this greatest message out to the world. We are riding the crest of this great communication era and who can tell how long it will last.

We also live in a generation that has been taught from toddlers up that they are animals and the product of nothing more than a complete accident. My wife was driving on a freeway at night and came upon the shattered remains of a young man, the father of a young toddler. For some reason this 22 year old had walked directly in front of a UPS big rig as it was going along at 65 mph and his life was instantly snuffed out. Why would a healthy young father do such a thing? Had he been stripped of all hope in life and his future? We can only guess.

But, this is the nature of the beast that has opened its mouth to suck away all the hope that is in the world. Whenever someone starts claiming that there isn’t a Creator, they in doing so, put themselves up in His place. All the religious cults have that thing in common. A leader that claims to be God. They tell us that all the other religions and faiths are wrong. Jesus was unique in that He revealed who He Is by his complete control over nature. And Jesus warns us that there would be many that would come along claiming to be Him and they would deceive many.

The scientific establishment is taking a similar course as the growing number of atheists are becoming more and more outspoken antichristians. And that should not be so surprising to believers in the Biblical Christ. We have been told ahead of time that battle for the souls of men would become more and more intense as the end draws near. Satan will attempt to deceive everyone he can and delude them into seeing Christians as the enemy of mankind.

Satan will make himself out to be the hero somehow in his drive to take control of society. It’s not coincidental that so many young people and even adults are taking on satanic symbols in the form of internet ID’s, and bumper stickers and tattoos. Ever walk into a video game store and see the overwhelming death, killing, cruel, sadistic and satanic influence in the “games”? The so called, “heroes” are turning into sadistic, vengeful killers that give the player a virtual serial killing spree. How long will it be before the villains are portrayed as Christians of one form or another?

Jesus, who died on a cross and made Himself alive again 3 days later, knows what things are ahead for each of us. He has great plans for all who trust Him and those plans include things so amazing and wonderful that no one has ever even imagined them. The one that engineered this universe and everything in it will welcome all who go out of this life believing. All those who side with the enemies of our Creator will pay the price in full.

Each of us must make the choice.

“The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Wayne Hollyoak

48 Hours

Noticed that there’s a show on TV that plays on the 48 hour window that seems to be the length of time that a criminal is particularly vulnerable to capture. There are also many “cold cases” that had gone unsolved for several years and leads have dried up.

This is the reality of crime investigation. You can’t prosecute a crime unless you have sufficient evidence. So, what if you wanted to test Darwin’s ideas about human ancestry? He alleged that humans are highly evolved apes and that it’s not just coincidental that we share many traits with them. But, how can you objectively test such a notion when the process has supposedly taken 480,000 years give or take.

That puts you a little past the 48 hours just a bit. Yeah, but you say, “that’s not the same thing!” OK, I’ll really stick my neck out and give it 480 hours. That’s 20 days, I dunno… OK, OK, let’s see whatya got! Hmm, half dozen complete skeletons maybe. 50 or so skulls and most are incomplete, jawbone here, skull cap there. What, you say that the skulls have smaller brain cases and more pronounced brow ridges than usual for modern humans. Wow, you’ve got some pelvic girdles! They show a more bent over posture!

Impressive! Very impressive, indeed!! Let’s see, you know of course that many people today are bend over for various medical reasons. Many times from birth. There is also a wide range of brain case sizes among modern man as well. There is a long list of known medical conditions that can effect brain case development resulting in microcephaly in extreme cases. Of course you have tested all these skull for such conditions. Brow ridges can vary a lot in modern humans as well.

Could there have been some now-extinct apes that were more human-like then chimps? Sure, there may have even been some chimeras resulting from human bestial behavior as well. Or, there could have been some human groups that exhibited genetic diseases that resulted in less functioning and or deformed human groups or tribes. Have all these supposed transitional prehumans been carefully scrutinized for such possible alternate explanations? No, and I doubt it would even be possible! The evidence is just way too OLD!

Sorry folks, the show is over! Let’s opt for a more rational approach, “The prognosis for human evolution from apes is not so good.”

Wayne Hollyoak

Wise Things

Had a near run-in with a rather large spider yesterday morning as I was going out the door. I opened the front door and there must have been this big wolf spider exploring the upper door sill that decided that it was time to bail. So, it rappelled on its silk thread down to the concrete porch floor directly in front of me.

It was an impressive sight and not a little scary, too! Wolf spiders don’t ordinarily spin webs to catch their prey. They are more like football players who like to tackle. They are brown and hairy looking and like to roam around our houses at night for tasty bugs they can tackle and sip on their bodily juices. If your house is cockroach-free, don’t get too proud. You may want to thank all the wolf spiders hiding in your furniture as much as your cleaning abilities.

Solomon made reference to spiders in the Book of Proverbs as being wise little fellows, “The spider takes hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces.”

Wayne Hollyoak

What a Stink!

I was writing here on my computer this morning when I was interrupted by a tiny visitor. One of the gazillion stink bugs that had invaded our house last fall is traipsing across my mouse-pad and flying into my monitor screen as I’m trying to write.

What an amazing little fellow he is, too! He’s living up to his reputation as being a “true bug” right now, but that’s his prerogative. After all, he’s been a boarder here for 4 months or so and that without food or water to sustain him. No doubt his renewed activity is a sign of Spring being close and he’s suffering from cabin fever and not “just a bit” hungry!

He weighs in at a hefty gram or so and yet he is able to unfold his neatly creased tuxedo into a pair of powerful wings and fly back out into the wilderness again pretty soon. Then “he”, or “she” as the case may be will go about the task of finding a mate and eggs will be laid so new little baby bugs will get their starts.

But, how do they manage to live inside my house so long without sustenance? This fellow doesn’t look any trimmer and seems to fly well enough to totally amaze me. It would be easy enough to call it miraculous, without a doubt this is truly one awesome feat of engineering! Nuf said!

Wayne Hollyoak