Life in Perspective

I just wrote about things that bug me about movies. This past week a friend and coworker told me about his impression of the movie, “Avatar”. He said he was disappointed that the story was rather weak, though the visual side and special effects were very good. Is it just another “white man’s burden” tale? Perhaps so, I’ve not bothered to see it, yet.

What sorts of things do the “movies” teach us? Why do we place so much importance on them in our society? Is there something fundamentally missing in our personal lives that drives us to fill our time with listening and watching stuff that isn’t real. Now we have a form of entertainment that’s labeled, “reality tv” which seems to be an attempt to help us learn all about real people, usually depicted at their worst or weakest moments unfortunately.

What would happen if the “power” was turned off permanently? Without entertainment, what would our lives be like? How would we cope? As humans, we like to see ourselves as being valued and “successful”. Storytellers and jesters whom we call, “entertainers” have learned that there is gold in them thar “hills”. The human quest for meaning and purpose is a goldmine that has made those that can tap into it very wealthy. Many of these “entertainers” have become modern “heroes” or as we like to say, “celebrities” or “artists”.

I find myself immersing myself in their fictional tales all too often. Wasting endless hours that could be used for something better and more useful. Maybe that’s it! I want to be distracted from my feelings of emptiness and worthlessness that go along with an unproductive life. So, instead of finding ways of being productive and useful as a person, I dream my life away in imaginary tales of heroes, villains, jesters and whatever else floats my boat (scifi and nature shows mainly).

My heart longs for hope and worth. To be useful to others and most importantly, my Creator. The Creator gave us a book as our guide on our journey’s through life. We work so hard and spend so much of our money and wealth and TIME trying to be HAPPY with vain pursuits while the Bible is there to teach us how to be blessed, and that’s a far better and rewarding goal. Being blessed is finding God’s ways of enjoying life which go beyond “happiness” to peace of mind and fulfillment.

As I allow the Creator to use His Bible to teach and direct me, I find the need for entertainment fading and it gradually losing its appeal. In the hands of our Creator, our lives can be wonderfully fulfilling and there’s an inner joy that grows in me as I DO the things that Our Creator teaches me.

Wayne Hollyoak

The 10 Dumbest Things About Movies

These are some of the things that irk me about the way movies are made. There may be a reason for them, but I can’t figure any.

1. Lightning always happens the same time as the thunder. That would mean that lightning always strikes within 30 ft of the camera!
For that matter, the sound always arrives instantly whether the sound producing object is 10 ft away or 1/4 mile or more, in movies sound travels at the speed of light. If only there was some correct time delay in the sound, there would be some audio realism and spaciality to match the visuals. I have yet to see a film that used realistic audio delay.

2. Am I the only person sick of carousel shots. Those shots that have the camera circling a scene just to remind me of the fact that it’s not reality, just a motion picture! I find myself straining to see the dolly tracks on the ground during those scenes.

3. Audio in space. Only Stanley Kubrick seemed to understand this dimension of space. Space is completely SILENT guys!!!

4. Is there a moratorium on mourning for the dead in film? Why are the heroes always cold killers- must be a Darwinian influence.

5. Dialogue cueues. Each character adds his/her 2 cents in detective shows in neat succession. They’re all decisive blows against any accused bad guy. 3 strikes you’re out dude, time to cuff’m.

6. Silent busy streets. It could be downtown New York City and you can hear everything BUT the street sounds. Have you ever walked the streets of downtown?

7. 5 minute knock out. No matter what you get hit with or how hard they hit you, you’re out cold for 5 minutes and “come to” just in time to get into the next scene. No, ill affects whatsoever, amazing!

8. Camera Switching Fake Conversations. They aren’t really having any conversation. They are just monologues cut back and forth to look like conversation. When you see one listening to the other, notice the speaker is just mouthing their dialogue that was done off camera. Try this, listen to the conversation with your eyes closed. It’s easy to tell that the actor’s parts are recorded separately.

9. Monster Voices. They all sound the same, be it a Spinosaur or a Stegosaurus or even a Pterodactyl, same old roar and scream effects. Even a child knows that each animal sounds different.

10. In the future all space programs will have an infinite budget even though there is no industry in sight. Spacecraft will be built to any size you want and in any quantity you need!

Wayne Hollyoak

The Christian Experience

As a Christian, I’m aware of my many failings and faults. The Creator sees me as holy only because of my faith in His Son. I have no power in myself to overcome sin in my life. It’s only by the power of God’s Spirit working in me that I’m able to make progress towards becoming more like Jesus. The Creator’s Spirit gives me power to live righteously as I ask for it and trust Him.

All too often I make the mistake of being “self-reliant” or proud. It always ends in failure and disappointment- not only for myself, but for those around me. The world is full of people who are labeled “Christian”, but many have never actually come to Jesus for forgiveness or asked Him for His Spirit to come into their lives. So, for those folks life goes on and they are still subject to all the passions and weaknesses of the general “non-christian” public. There is a sort of ethnic Christianity if you will and a Biblical Christianity. The Biblical Christianity shares the common experience with those first Christians we read about in the New Testament.

The Biblical Christian experience is very simple to enter into. Just believe that Jesus is who He says He is and ask Him to forgive your sins and He promises to do so and ask Him to come into your life by His Holy Spirit. That’s it! His Spirit works in each of our lives to bring us to that point. If we ignore Him long enough, He may stop drawing us and we will can find ourselves in the worst possible position. But, making that simple step of faith towards our Creator was the beginning of a truly fulfilling life for me.

Wayne Hollyoak