Insects- Magnificent Creatures on a Small Scale!

Easy Going Dragonfly

They are wonderfully complex and amazingly diverse! Insects range from the microscopic flying parasitic wasps to the giant goliath beetle. One fly has been observed doing a Ninja-like stunt by snatching a BB fired from a gun in mid flight traveling at an estimated 90mph. Others just creep along the ground at a snail’s pace.

Each one serves a unique purpose as they go about their business keeping the planet habitable by us. As I’m cutting the grass, dozens of grasshoppers are leaping clear of my tractor. Insects are definitely underappreciated and ignored by most of us. Some like honey bees and ants are core players in this ecosystem.

All of them required an immense amount of planning and detail in each of their designs. Modern “science” may not recognize this fact, but that doesn’t alter the way things are. Maybe a better word for such “science” would be, “scilence”. The deliberate silencing of any open recognition of the vast creative work of the one that put us here.

Spending just a little time studying some of the wonderful bugs around us will surely help you see just what I mean.

Wayne Hollyoak

What are They Talking About?

Connecting with the Creator is a simple act of trust. That’s not always the way it’s portrayed. A jailer(aka prison guard) once cried out is anquish, “what must I do to be saved?” The answer from the inmate, who happened to be the apostle Paul, was simply, “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved…” He was just telling the guy to trust Jesus and do what He says. Not quite the same as “believing in” Him or just acknowledging His existence or something like that. To “believe on” Him is to set aside all false notions and prejudices we may have about this Jesus of Nazareth.

Start to learn about what the Bible teaches us about Him. Ask Him for his forgiveness and He promises you will be forgiven, just trust Him. Ask Him for His Spirit to help guide you and lead you and give you the power to tell others. So many times I hear people telling others to “receive Him as your personal savior” it sounds confusing cause it’s grammaticallty incorrect. What they mean is, “receive Him as your Savior personally”. It’s like saying, “make it personal”. As Paul said, “believe on” Him.

Some say, “ask Jesus into your heart” which is a way of saying, “pray to Him, get close to Him and trust Him”. There are many other sayings that believers like to use that make sense to some, but to most of us they are confusing. My aim is to make things plain and simple as much as possible. I hope this is helpful.

Wayne Hollyoak