Things I’ve Learned About God

I hear some weird stuff about God and it has shown me how important it is to really learn all you can about the real Creator. It’s not all that hard to get to know Him, but it does take some discipline and time and most of all communication with Him.

We all have preconceived ideas about Him. Our society is filled with all sorts of twisted and way-out notions about who He is and what He is like.

As human beings, we are limited in our scope of all that surrounds us. With our eyes we can only perceive things that reflect or alter the path of photons some way. Objects that act on photons are material. God is a spirit, another way of saying, non-material. He has created the perceptual reality that we all live in. He isn’t a part of it though He designed, instituted and sustains it and always has. So, His reality completely supersedes that of us and this material universe.

God, the Creator, is refered to using a male pronoun. This isn’t because He is of the male gender, as a spirit (non-material) person, He has no need to reproduce unlike us. Because we are mortal, the human race would have dissapeared long ago without some means of reproduction.

The universe that He made speaks volumes about His power, wisdom and majesty. And, as big as the universe is, he could easily span it with his hand if he wished to. Not only did God design the universe and all that’s in it, but He also engineered the stuff we call “matter” and instituted the rules of physics that it obeys.

People ask the dumbest questions about God like, “where did Cain get his wife?” Duh, God created the universe, getting Cain a wife should have been easy enough. That begs the question, “did God stop creating with Adam and Eve?” Well He rested on the seventh day of His creative activity at that time, but He never tells us that He will never create again. The God we read about in the Bible is free to do as He pleases, whenever He pleases.

He is also free to alter, or eliminate anything He has created any time He sees fit. It’s His universe to do as He wishes. From a Biblical perspective, it’s here primarily to facilitate the human experience. He can pull the plug on it at any time if He chooses.

The more we learn about the universe He made, the more of His power, grace and wisdom we are able to realize. The Bible gives us the great window to see His reality and love. It also lets us see ourselves from His perspective. God has designed our reality and we can only truly begin to grasp it when we learn from the Bible.

Wayne Hollyoak

Thank You, Ben Stein

I suppose that there are many folks out there that object to evolutionism for more then religious reasons. Do we really want our children taught in public schools that they are animals? That there is no real purpose in life, other then to eat and reproduce? That we have no hope but to live this life out experiencing all we can or something like that. That there is no human destiny or accountability beyond the grave?

So far only one celebrity has stuck his neck out to blow the whistle on this great enterprise we call, “science”. Ben Stein, actor, comedian, presidential speech writer, jew, american is well know for his outspokeness and wit. I can’t think of a better person to champion an expose’ on “science” and its fanciful creation story. In the last few minutes of his film, “Expelled” he gives Richard Dawkins one last chance to reconsider his hardline against God. Dawkins then blurts out something about alien civilizations planting life here on earth. But, he suddenly catches himself and tells Ben that those who did the planting had evolved on whatever planet they had come from. Dawkins is so pathetic and Ben looks at him with wide eyed disbelief at the rage and spittle coming from the “scientist’s” lips as he dumps all the sins of mankind on the Creators lap.

Ben plays with these “brilliant men of science” as a cat would with a mouse. Certain educators who emailed one another trash talking collegues who spoke up against evolution lied openly to Ben about their real feelings about these dissenters and claimed that their firings and dismissals had nothing to do with their stand on evolution.

Ben pins the jewish holocost squarely on Nazi Gernany’s darwinian notion of the “arian race” that they wanted to achieve at the cost of everyone that didn’t meet nazi standards. Eugenics is the practice of applying breeding methods to humans in order conform humans to some sort of standard, like skin color, height, intelligence, etc. It stems from the evolutionary teaching that we are all animals that have come from apes and such.

Ben also shows us some interesting computer generated animations depicting a few cellular micromachines and how they operate in the normal processes that go on continually within our individual cells. It reminded me of the courses i took in college like, “developmental biology” and “cell biology”. That was back in the days before computer animation and it was so cool to see the stuff we learned about in action on the big screen.

If you haven’t seen Ben’s film, don’t miss it.

Wayne Hollyoak