Genesis 1

Read the first chapter of the Book of Genesis last night again. Wow! It had been a while and the amazing events that it describes! The Creator gathered the land in one place and separated it from the seas- Pangaea as we now call it! The space between the upper waters-perhaps refering to the clouds and the lower waters. So, the atmosphere was created.

A balanced ecosystem needed to be established before mankind could be introduced. I suppose the great period of the dinosaurs and lush vegatation was used merely as fertalizer and turned under by a great cataclysm way before mammals and feathered birds were introduced. Supppose it could have been an asteroid or comet that ended the “age of the dinos”, but certainly not necessarily. The Creator only needed to speak it and it was over. Which of course still holds true…

The amount of preparation that it must have taken to set the stage for the introduction of man must have been immense!

Fear and Faith

There are 2 big motivators that drive us to hold on to our beliefs. “Faith” has to do with having a certain level of confidence in something, an idea, a theory, writings, etc. It may have a lot to do with evidence, or it may not. It may hang on the reputations of others we trust that show great confidence in it. But, above all it will parallel our perception of “reality”.

If our perception of “reality” is skewed, we will have a problem with nagging fears whenever that “reality” is questioned or placed in doubt. Why is this? It’s really important to us that we maintain a grip on “reality” whatever we perceive it to be.

For the first half of my life, i perceived myself as a highly evolved primate. An animal that came to be by a more or less undirected process. I saw myself as living is a society of the same that was encouraging me to do my own thing, get drunk, get high, party.

All the time, deep down inside, i knew there was something wrong with that picture and i couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Brainwashing is a process designed to reshape a persons perception of reality. My perception of “reality” had been skewed by my deep interest in “science”. What we call, “science” today is really a society of people who are trying to unravel the mysteries of “reality”. A “reality” shaped by their own faith system, or “assumptions”. 

But, as more and more of its assumptions are in error, the picture it presents of reality becomes more and more warped. Till today, it has taken on a sort of “black hole” relation to learning as a whole. Taking the light of the truth and sucking the all of the light of reality out of us. Now there are entire organizations dedicated to pushing ID and any mention of a Creator out of the educational system worldwide. Why, is it “intellectual honesty” they are protecting? That’s the excuse, but its really fear. Fear that students may not accept their faith, their perception of reality. They might become something they despise- a creationist perhaps.

Why is there only one major organization trying to advance intelligent design education and awareness? The Discovery Institute seems to be the only such organization. At least a few people in science still have a heart to stand against the tide! But, i for one am not too worried about the final outcome. Reality is not subject to black holes.

Wayne Hollyoak