Can Christians Afford to Buy Evolution?

First of all, evolution is not just a “theory of science”. Evolution has become a religious faith in itself. What started out as Darwin’s observations of the adaptability of living things has been transformed into the “official” creation story of the “science establishment”.

One of the problems that has plagued science, is the ability of so many folks to write well. I’m obviously not one of them. But, it’s better to show others what’s what with simple and less colorful english than fool them with ideas that are distorted but made to sound profound and “elegantly scientific” let’s say.

So, i’ll put it simply. Evolution has become the religious faith of most of the world’s “leading” scientists. This is what i refer to as the religion of “evolutionism”. That is, the faith that evolution created the universe and everything in it including you and me. In other words, nature created itself.

This is in total opposition to the fundamental beliefs of the christian faith. Which can be summarized:

1. We were created by the God who is spoken of throughout the Bible.

2. This same God was given human birth by a jewish virgin by the power of His Spirit and named, Jesus(english for “Yeshua”).

3. Jesus taught the way we must be saved, by believing Him and receiving His gift of salvation.

4. Jesus allowed himself to be wrongly killed to pay the price of our sins and, as God, arose from the dead to again govern the universe which He has created and owns.

You can find all the details for yourself by reading the Bible.

If you beleive in evolutionism, you see Jesus as a man and an animal like the rest of us. Evolutionism teaches that there is no salvation, no hope and no human purpose. It turns the truth of God into little more than a fairy tale.

Evolution is a cruel hoax. It makes no logical or rational sense to me and i studied science and biology for years. It has never been proven , not tested scientifically. All the enormous wealth of design and efficiency that exists in the world of living things and mindless and heartless people want y0u to accept that it all got here without outside help.

Go figure…

 Wayne Hollyoak