Will Science Survive the 21st Century?

30 years ago, my answer would have been a quick, “of course!” Science to me was mankind’s highest goal and aspiration.- full of honesty and integrity, hope and wisdom. People involved in science were my heros, dedicated to lifting mankind from ignorance and curing all our diseases.

So, when i was accepted into college, i wanted to learn all i could about the sciences. I even joined the biology club and went on all sorts of trips with the other science student and the profs. All the while the head of the bio department was hitting up on the anthropology prof. Both were already married and so the image of science changed suddenly. I learned later after my graduation that that same head of the biology department barricaded himself into one of the campus buildings and held police at bay for hours with a shotgun.

To my surprise, i learned that people in science were no better than anyone else. In fact there seemed to be a higher percentage of kooks in their ranks than in the general population! Some even claimed that there was no God, which scared the begeebers outta me! In fact, as time went on, i learned that a large percentage of scientists had trouble believing in God!

What i didn’t realize then, was that there was a high level of contept towards “religious people” in “science”. My cousin who held a phD in herpetology and was the founder of the Dallas Paleontological Society, was well know in our family to not want any association with any sort of religion. It saddens me to think that he may have still felt that way when he died during a scuba diving accident years ago.

It’s no secret anymore that “science” has become a wedge between may in it’s ranks against their faith in God. How many devout christians have gone to college and became persuaded to turn their back on God and their faith. I was aware of the pressure, the ridicule, the belittleing, the mockery and contempt toward God-fearing people.

Central to this antichristian conviction among the “people of science” and higher education in general was the concept of “evolution”. If Darwin hadn’t come up with the notion that “biological adaptation” could be a basis for a new creation story, one that didn’t need a “guiding hand”. Then, atheists and antichristian people still would be viewed as crazy and insane, and even dangerous.

Today, science has become an institution that welcomes those that openly discriminates against devout christians. Those that respect the scriptures and those that believe in a real Creator who is responsible for life on earth are viewed with contempt and suspision.

How long will “science” be able to continue diluding itself and the masses? Is mankind being tested to see how easily it can be persuaded to abandon the obvious fact of our deliberate creation and this Creator’s wonderful care for us. My guess is that “science” is heading for disaster. Whether or not “science” will maintain credibility for the remainder of this century will hing on it’s willingness to abandon the strange “evolution” creation story and accept respect “people of faith”.

Wayne Hollyoak

The Litmus Test of Science

The litmus test of science is the reaction to intelligent design. Litmus paper is used in chemistry to tell if a liquid is an acid or a base. Intelligent design IS THE FOUNDATION of any quest for knowledge. Knowledge is just a sum total of everything you “know”. Science claims to increase the amount of knowledge available to mankind.

But, how can you tell if this thing we refer to as, “science” is on track at all? One thing that “Chaos” theory in science has proven is that “chaos” is a fabrication that has no reality. Yet, this is the greatest assumption of modern science and it’s greatest failure.

Intelligent design “theory” smacks down “science” reveals it’s real essence. Modern science has become a substitute for faith. If you have a problem with ID, you NEED science as a coping mechanism. ID is to biology, what quantum theory is to physics. Both are acknowledgements that man’s theories at their very best are ultra simplistic.

Heb 11:6
And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

Do you want to gain knowledge? This is where one MUST begin.

 Wayne Hollyoak