What About Jesus?

There are people in remote places in the world who have never heard of Jesus. There are people living in my community who know nothing about Him. There are billions of people in the world that THINK they know who Jesus is, but barely have a clue.

Anyone who uses the name, “Jesus” as a means of expressing their anger demonstrates their ignorance of who Jesus is. Using someone’s name in anger is a visible sign of disrespect and contempt. If you find yourself abusing Jesus’ name, it’s because you do not really know who He is. It’s that simple!

The more you truly get to know Jesus, the more admiration and respect you have for that name. So, how does someone get to really know Jesus? First, lay aside your pride and anger towards Him and start to read the Bible. Start with the Book of John and ask God’s Spirit to guide you. God isn’t some mysterious “force” out there. He is the one that made you.

I could just reiterate what the Bible teaches about Jesus. But, it’s best that you read the Bible for yourself. I was astonished how off base my understanding of Jesus was. That was until i began to read the Bible for myself and really desiring to know Him.

 Wayne Hollyoak

Where Did Viruses Come From?

The universe that we live in is not entirely friendly to us. There are many creatures that can do us harm. Viruses, bacteria, wild animals can make things hard for us and even kill us in some cases. As mortal beings we must come to grips with the fragile nature of our earthly existence.

So, why would a loving God create things that can harm us? Why are there blood-sucking parasites like mosquitos, ticks and flies? Why do people get drunk and turn their cars into deadly projectiles? Why does God let babies get sick?

Don’t have a simple answer for this. But, there are a few clues that we can work off of to maybe get a better idea. First, the life we live after the death of this body is eternal. So, this body needs to die sooner or later in order for us to “graduate” to the next life. Secondly, there are malicious entities that hate the Creator and mankind. They go by many names, devil, satan, demons, fallen angels, and so on. How much have these creatures been able to mess with creation in an effort to make our lives miserable. Have they ever been given the power to alter the genetics of God’s creatures in their efforts to do mankind harm?

 The Book of Job gives us a look at how some of these corrupt spiritual entities try to bring disease and death to humans. The extent to which these entities have altered the genetics of living things is hard to quantify.

 Thirdly, we have a very efficient “immune system” in our bodies that constantly protect us from most of the dangerous “germs” out there. This “immune system” was a fantastic design consideration that works very well as long as we take good care of our bodies. The presense of this system speaks volumes about the sorts of “germs” that where being anticipated in the life of a human being.

 Wayne Hollyoak