Human Fascinations

The entertainment industry reveals a lot about the darker side of humanity. Violence, criminals of all sorts, gangsters, corpses in all stages of decomposition, cruelty of every sort and kind imaginable sell on tv and the movies. Occasionally, i’ll stop into a video game store in the mall and it’s always the same. Shelves full of boxes with “games” that allow people to “enjoy” killing simulations of every sort.

it’s like a Cain Complex or something! Is it that we like to see all the Ables of the world get “justice”, or is it that we crave to know the inner workings of the criminal mind? There’s even a “doctor” who prides in his selfishness and egotism in a way that would make Howard Stern blush and yet is portrayed as “the best doctor we got” in the commercials for the show.

Why is this stuff a financial success? Whatever happened to “Leave it to Beaver” and “Lassie”? Is anybody paying attention to where we’re going here? Are we a generation of lemmings running for the cliff? Is that where the expression, “generation X” comes from? Is this the generation that has no soul?

Have we all really been brainwashed into believing that we are “animals”? Well i guess that’s understandable given the forced programming of evolutionism in our schools today. Along with it comes recreational sex, massacres in classrooms and hallways, children out of control and parents on edge, even young men and women strapping bombs to themselves and setting them off in crowds of strangers.

How will it end?

Wayne Hollyoak