Near Miss

There’s been some interesting things happening lately. A major earthquake in Nevada, tornadoes in February and asteroids zinging past our planet. A couple of asteroids passed by us passing closer than the Moon and so were, for a while, influenced by the earth’s gravity to some degree. As our solar system gets closer and closer to the center axis of our galaxy, the “Milky Way”, i would expect to see lots of debris of this sort entering into our solar system.

The Bible speaks of a day in the future when a “star” would fall from the sky that would be called, “wormwood”. If you’ve ever seen what asteroids look like, that would be a good description. An interesting validation of the true prophetic nature of this great book.

It’s also interesting that people would use this name for the “star”. Maybe there would be advanced warning about an asteroid on a collision course with earth and this name became a household term.

Asteroids and comets are monitored carefully these days. Men keep track of their orbits around the sun and look for any that may possibly strike the earth in the future. But, passing thru the center plane of the enormous galaxy our little solar system orbits in is a horse of a different color. Our solar system is bound to pick up many “new” objects from the debris field that may exist there.

2012 will supposedly be the year that our solar system reaches the center axis of the Milky Way and will begin it’s journey to the other side and the unknown. The sun’s trip around the galaxy takes 233 million years? and we pass thru the center plane twice  a year nearly at winter and summer solstice (our solar system’s axis appears to be about 60 degrees off of the galactic axis).

Where is “Wormwood” now, already on a collision course with earth as our solar system nears it’s region in the galaxy. Will it orbit the sun a few times first so that we can track it for several years first. Will we make heroic efforts to use spacecraft to move it out of it’s collision course with our planet?

Were these recent flybys just a shot across the bow to shake our confidence in man’s ability to avert such an event. None of these near misses were expected. The objects were never seen before in the night skies.

But, Wormwood is out there, and when it comes, it won’t make a flyby!

Wayne Hollyoak

All These Things

In my teen years during the 70’s, late 60’s i was a part of a garage band, “Heart’s Blood”. We were really just a trio with me on bass, Phil a singer and guitar player and Mike the drummer. We could play 2 or 3 songs and Phil and Mike were OK musicians. 

My church, First Baptist, has a wonderful group of musicians. I’m really blessed to be a part of so many fun and rewarding musical ministries. The Sweethearts Banquet is coming up and Kenny has formed an inpromptu band to do some 50’s 60’s pop/rock fun stuff. The plan is to prepare some comic, fun surprises for those that attend.

Even Pastor Ed, who is a fine guitar player and really enjoys lighthearted fun, is joining in. I’ll be rythym guitar this time and during practice, last night, the sound was not bad.

For some of us, it’s a chance to try to recreate some of the really fun musical things we enjoyed listening to in the old days. One of the many surprises that my Creator had for me since i’ve become a Christian.

So many times, God has amazed me in the way he gives us the desires of our hearts. He tell us, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” For me, the struggle is to stay on track and keep Him first.

At times, though, i find out that many of my heart ambitions aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. My heavenly Father has allowed me to try a little taste of some of my musical ambitions. Maybe it’s just to help me see them a little better in perspective of life.

Wayne Hollyoak