Human Nature

Some things in life are avoidable, but not human nature. Human nature is a powerful force. It pulls us into conformity with those around us in subtle and even dangerous ways. It’s human nature that craves being “liked”, “wanted”, “in control”, etc.  The Bible is more precise when it uses “adam nature”, or “sin nature” rather than “human nature”.

The expression, “human nature” sounds like an excuse for bad behavior. “Sin nature” however establishes accountability.  The Bible teaches that our actions come from our choices. Otherwise we are robots.

The Bible also teaches that people will become fools when they try to convince themselves that there is no Creator. The more they try to explain Him away, the more bizarre and confusing their logic becomes.

This is the way things are, no way around it!!

The opposite is true, the more you recognize and acknowledge God’s handiwork in everything around you, the more noble and wise you become.

 Wayne Hollyoak