Is There “Science” in the Bible?

This blog is partly about faith and partly about science. The great illusion of our day is that they are somehow rivals.  Actually, science has become more of an excuse for ignoring the source of us all and everything.

The first book of the Bible, Genesis, gives mankind the only sensible account for the beginning of all things in this universe. We’re not sure who wrote the book, but i think it was penned by non other than the one time prime minister to the Pharoah of Egypt, Joseph. If not by his own hand than by some of his devoted scribes thru Joseph’s dictation.

He was a man who had survived many injustices and hardships. He went from being a slave to the right hand man of an Egyptian Pharoah. He did so by trusting his Creator and resolving to give God honor.

Joseph was trained as an Egyptian nobleman and had access to the greatest libraries in the anceint world. Joseph also had a father who had visits from direct messengers from God, Himself. Jacob had wrestled even with one of these messengers all night. What questions did Jacob ask during this struggle? “Tell me how the world began, where did we come from?” and soforth.

Joseph was Jacob’s favorite child and while the other brothers were out tending the sheep in the fields, Joseph had lot of time to pick his father’s brain. Jacob’s intimate knowledge from those direct conversations with God’s messengers were hard for Joseph to forget, or ignore.

Joseph was analytical like a scientist, he could advise the Pharoah not only concerning his dreams, but how he needed to prepare his people and the whole region for the coming extended drought.

The book of Genesis ends with the account of Joseph’s death as though his admiring transcriptionists needed to complete the account of the book’s writer’s last days as a tribute to this great man of God.

Science is useless and doomed to failure if it fails to recognize our Genesis. If instead, it is pursued in good faith, it can accomplish much.

Wayne Hollyoak

Impressing Who?

Trying to gain respect can be a hopeless waste of time! How long and hard have i tried to be cool in some way or another only to find out that it has no satisfaction.

We really have no understanding of our real needs. That’s why God gave us His Book, the Bible. “Man at his very best state is altogether vanity.” If i’m not usefull to others and especially, my Creator, i’m pretty worthless.

 Guess that’s why the Bible teaches, “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you”.

Do i wanna impress others? Fast car, big house, fancy clothes, a boat, da d da d da….. Always ends with, “so, what?”

Living to please my Maker, now that brings joy and adds no sorrow with it!

Wayne Hollyoak

Where Were You?

Job had alot of reasons for self-pity. He had lost just about everything he had and his health was failing as well. Job was at the end of his rope and even so he never spoke out against God.

I became a christian many years ago and it was Jesus who saved me. He gave me a whole new and different way to live. Before my conversion, the name Jesus was hard to say without some kind of snear. Now, i understand more clearly who He is and that name has respect and honor.

Few people nowadays have any understanding of the greatness of Jesus’ name. Whenever i hear the name, Jesus, used in swearing, or with dissrespect of any kind, i need to pause and pray for that person. God watches us and knows of our ways. Jesus is the name God has given himself, the only one other than “I AM”. Unless a person comes to grips with who Jesus really is, that person cannot be saved.

Job was about to give up and began to be a little flip with God, he started to accuse God of unfairness. That’s when God stepped in and asked Job, “Where were you when I put the stars in place?” You see, that’s what i’m talking about…

 Wayne Hollyoak