Keeping Your Faith in College

I became a Christian in the mid 70’s while i was a college student. For a while i thought that the account of Adam and Eve in the Bible was a metaphorical reference to man’s evolutionary step from apes to the first “modern man”. I had been so brainwashed as a student to believe that evolution was a “fact” that i reacted this way when hearing the Eden account for the first time.

I later realized how incompatible the two concepts are.  But, as a young student, i was apt to trust my teachers, that the profs really knew what they were talking about. In many ways they did, but when it came to “origins” they were way off base.

How could this be? I suppose the greatest fault in modern science is the notion that, if science can’t “prove” something, then it doesn’t “exist”. Then scientists go about using “experiments” and such to try to understand “non-material” realities.

The best way to not be fooled by educators is to recognize that people can and do make mistakes. No professor or teacher is above bias and ignorance. They may be regarded as authorities in their professions, but they are all still just vulnerable human beings like the rest of us.

This is beautifully illustrated in the “evolution” fiasco. Most educators have swallowed the idea “hook, line and sinker” and want us too as well. Took me some time to realize the fundamental error of their thinking and mine. There will always be mysteries that are not humanly  solvable. “Origins”(as “creation” has been renamed) being one of them.

Wayne Hollyoak