In the Beginning was…

The opening chapter of the book of John in the Bible is truly an awesome essay on the history of the universe. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him. Without him was not anything made that has been made. In Him was Life, and that Life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overpowered it.”

Perhaps one of the most profound poems ever penned. In the rest of the book you’ll find out who this “Word” is and the works He does to back up these verses. Healing, teaching, saving, reversing death processes, governing natural forces at will. We call them miracles, because they go so far beyond anything humanly possible.

If you want to have a crash course in theology, the book of John will bring you up to speed in short order. Just finished reading it together with my father-inlaw and it just blew us away.

 Wayne Hollyoak

The Greatest of the Sciences

If you were to rate each of the sciences on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate them? Would you give biology an 8, astronomy a 7, or maybe sociology a 6? These are nothing more than personal biases.

 For me, if you compare any of these with the science of theology, they suddenly all lose significance. Theology is the study of the source of all things. Nowadays, the word “theology” has been replaced by a less “religious” sounding word, “origins”. “Origins” is a term that belies the modern atheistic bias in science. The only permissible theological view in the scientific establishment today is “natural selection”.

So the theology of pop science today is, based on “natural selection”. Whatever we believe put us here constitutes our theological view. Everything else that we study references our theology to understand how things came into being.

 Wayne Hollyoak

How Will it End?

Evolutionism is having its hayday right now. Most of the folks in science feel pretty good about it and spirits are high, you might say. But, reality has a way of spoilling parties and bringing us back to our senses.

Intelligent Design is like a shot across the bow for the “scientific community”. But, it seems the party is still going strong. The band’s playing, the noisemakers are rattling and confetti is flying everywhere. It makes me wonder if any of them realize what’s happening. The concept of intelligent design is gaining more awareness day by day and for the “intellectuals” it is somewhat of a funny little idiom to use in advertisements and joke about. For more ordinary folk, ID is no joke. It’s a real blow to evolution “science”. 

What this shows the masses is that “science” doesn’t really care about the truth. It’s more interested in perpetuating it’s dillusion that nature somehow created itself. That all of the diversity of life came about without any intelligent input whatsoever.

Right now, it seems that the “scientific community” is riding along on it’s high level of credibility-at least among intellectuals. But, time isn’t on their side. What happens if those intellectuals start to figure things out? How will the meltdown start and how will it end? Will there still be a “Smithsonian”, a “National Science Foundation”, a “Nature” TV series? Will Mr. Eldsberry and his “” become an artifact of the greatest embarrassment in the history of science? Mr. Dawkins’ books be pulled from the store shelves cause they can’t sell them anymore?

Time will tell…

 Wayne Hollyoak

The Emperor’s New Religion

As most of you know, a Judge in Dover recently handed down a decision that effectively criminalized the practice of any religion in the Dover school system other than evolutionism.  Now, wait just a minute! Does the US, the great preacher of “religious freedom”, now have a “state religion”? 

Evolutionism isn’t your ordinary religion. It’s a religious conclusion endorsed and “now enforced” by a strange new breed of priests and bishops called “scientists” and their disciples. This religion has it’s own creed, if you will, that is being circulated on college and university campuses to be signed by professors as a sign of solidarity against the teaching or endorsement in any way of any form of “questioning” of the general theory of evolution.

Wait a minute, is evolution a religion? The word itself just means, “gradual change”. But, as you know, “science” has made it out to be MUCH MORE than that! That’s why when i talk about this emerging religious movement i choose to use the term, “evolutionism”. They are now talking about what amounts to, “natural creationism”. They preach to us that nature created itself without help from anyone or anything.

What “Judge” Jones has done was to effectively criminalize the teaching of any dissenting view (summarized in the 2 letters, “ID”). The Dover School Board had to pay a $2,000,000 penalty for daring to offer an alternative to evolutionism to it’s children. Then, in the most extreme sort of hypocricy, the “judge” has gone on some sort of a national speaking campaign telling everyone how he has protected the schools of the US from “ID” which he calls, “religion masked as science”.

This would be vulgar, if it wasn’t so pathetic.  How has evolutionism come to gain such a status in a democratic society such as ours? I suppose is has to do with the way “credibility” works and “human nature”. “Credibility” refers to the amount of confidence you place in any source of information. The famous fable of the emporer who went to display his “new clothes” before everyone, but forgot to first put them on. Because he was the emporer, he found himself basking in the praise of his court and entourage, but the laughingstock of everyone else. He had high “credibility” among his supporters and low credibility among the rest, especially after this display of lunacy.

 Wayne Hollyoak