Sex in Heaven?

Is sex the ultimate high? The legendary hormonal extacy that supposedly transforms boys into men and girls into women? Or, is it just hype or another addiction, another escape into a sensual haze.

Some suggest that sex was the original sin committed by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. To me, the Bible paints a very different story. The first man and woman were forbidden to eat from only one tree, “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” it reads. How that can be construed to be sex, i don’t know. The woman tried this fruit and asked the man to check it out.

But, after this sin was committed an interesting psychological change came over the couple. They realized they were naked and covered themselves. The Creator asked them about their new behavior and He knew that they had eaten from the tree. Was the fruit of that tree some sort of afrodesiac, or a something that triggered a hormone that initiated puberty and sexual awareness.

We can only guess, but the result was twofold:

1. Mortality
2. Reproduction

Mortality meant eventual death and judgement for their sin. Reproduction was needed to bring salvation and the hope of a remedy for this situation. The Son of God would make His entrance into humanity as a flesh and bone future offspring many generations after Adam and Eve were dead and gone. So, the real origin of human sexuality was to prevent his extinction with the first created pair. More importantly, though it was to enable gain a way out of the sin predicament.

Once the Savior had accomplished all that was necessary for the salvation of mankind for all who would believe in Him, the only further need for sexuality among humans was to enable the fulfillment of the rest of prophetic scripture in the Bible and to assure that this message of hope and salvation (the Gospel) could be communicated to all language groups on the planet. This could only happen if mortal mankind could continue to exist on earth.

After that, the future for human sexuality is in doubt. Jesus taught that “in Heaven there is neither male nor female for they are like the angels.” Sex enables the continued existence of fallen mankind. But, it can also bring about that special intimicy and appreciation between a husband and his wife. This relationship can only be experienced in mutual fidelity and only between partners of the opposite sex. Born that way, i might add. Anything else is conterfeit and falls terribly short of the real plan and intent of the Creator.

Many couples depend on “chemistry” or romantic desire to keep a marriage together. This is just the opposite of the ideal. Couples should be able to eventually wean themselves from that notion and move towards a bond of appreciation for one another and respect. Enjoying this sojourn together with kind communication and love for our Creator. Jesus tells us that marriage and sex are only until “death do we part”. After that, He has other, much more wonderful, plans for those He welcomes into His Kingdom. “Eye hasn’t seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the hear of man, the wonderful things that God has prepared for those that love Him.”

Wayne Hollyoak

Consider the Ant and be Wise!

Ants are everywhere. They quietly go about their business in what may appear to be a chaotic fashion. But, actually there’s a definite method to their madness! They may not be conscious of the critical role each ant plays in our survival on this planet. They spend their whole lives tunneling in the soil, bringing food into their burrows carefully made caverns under our feet. Tending to their enormous queens and her thousands of eggs.

Meanwhile the ground is being tilled, inch by inch, ounce by ounce the soil is fertilized and pulverised. Once hard and dead, the soil becomes rich and fertile ready for seeds of plants to germinate and put down healthy roots to pull the nutrition back out and grow. Nearly, all ants are sexless workers. On rare occasions a solo reproductive queen will produce fertile males with wings which will fly away to start new colonies. By and large an ant is there to serve the colony and will never reproduce for it cannot.

The fulfillment of each ant’s lives comes in complete self-sacrifice! Their mission is to enable a daisy, a dandilion, a sequoia, a patch of moss to live. They go at their work with passion will even tie themselves together to form bridges with their bodies so their fellows can get to where they need to go. There isn’t any room for selfishness in the ant’s world. Selfishness is the basis of the popular evolutionary philosophy we hear so much about.

Man has tried his best to make nature to look worse than himself. More violent, selfish, greedy, perverse and vile. We fail to recognize the order and grandier of the ecosystem we find ourselves in. According to evolutionism, mankind has come as an endless succession of progressively more selfish species. Each one driving it’s predecessor into oblivion and extinction. “Natural Selection” is a mindless meatgrinder with the prize always going to the conquerer the cold hearted egotists.

This is the fabrication of an insecure mankind trying to cope with guilt and shame. A bedridden man trying to recreate nature after his own image. Those that claim to understand living things and call themselves “biologists” are out to crucify nature by sucking out it’s very soul. Scared silly that our children might doubt the foam oozing from their mouths. After all, how dare anyone place another being superior to “man himself”. Yes, that’s how far we’ve come! They want us to accept their religion and believe that we were “evolved” not “designed”. We only have nature to answer to and she now needs “our help” to save her!

But, the ant stands tall above this verbose tumult and keeps on digging and caring and sacrificing so plants can continue to grow.

Wayne Hollyoak