Pillars of Fire and Solar Wind

Back in 1998, there was a very intense electrical storm that came thru my county. I remember stopping my car in an open field overlooking a nearby town and watching as an enormous black cloud formed on the outskirts of this town. In a few moments this black cloud dropped a funnel down and there was an constant barrage of lightning all around it.

This wasn’t very far from me and it made me more than a little nervous, so i got back into my old Honda Civic and just then a radiator hose popped and steam came out everywhere. So i drove it down to a nearby church parking lot and shut it off the let it cool down. As i was standing in the parking lot watching more clouds darkening to the south, there was an eerie fog that moved down along the street. There was no noticeable wind and the “fog” was moving rather quickly and was off white in color and patchy. This was one of, if not the, strangest things i have ever witnessed.

In a short while i decided to try to make for a gas station to add water to the radiator and try to get home. Driving up that same road, i noticed that some very large trees has been damaged or fallen. This was the path that the strange fog had taken. One very large tree appeared to have exploded at a place about 10 ft off the ground and the top of the tree was laying on the ground with the trunk shattered.

The next day, an article appeared in the local paper in which a resident of a nearby town told a story of how a strange “fog” had gone thru his yard and immediately afterwords a giant tree just fell to the ground missing his house. He said it was the “strangest thing he had ever witnessed”.

At the time, my guess was some sort of plasma was drifting past. An intense wave of energy of some sort? Is there some sort of “protonic lightning” as opposed to the usual electron form of lightning. Whatever it was, it was destructive to be sure.

“Cosmic radiation” in the form of “solar wind” that is free electrons and protons ejected from the sun in “solar prominences” and such bombard the earth constantly. This radiation is deflected by earths magnetic field for the most part. But much of it can cause static charges to build up the the stratosphere i suppose. If the electrical charge in the upper atmosphere gets strong enough, it will try to discharge this in some way. The earth has it’s own electrical potential which may differ from area to area somewhat.

The upper level charge will discharge wherever there is the least electical resistance. Namely, where there are areas in the atmosphere with lowest pressure. When a tornado forms, there will be a region of very low atmospheric pressure and an excellent pathway for the charge in the upper atmosphere to discharge to the earth.

Now, picture this. The Bible tells of some very interesting details in the original “Exodus” account. We all know of the parting of the Red Sea on Mose’s command so that the Isrealites could escape from the armies of Pharoah. If you will read the Book of Exodus for yourself you will notice an interesting reference to “pillars of fire” by night and “pillars of smoke” by day. There were 2 of them that went “before them” to lead them through the desert. What were they?

Look at it this way. If there was something there that displaced a volume of air, but contained not matter “as we know it”. You would have a “low pressure” region. An ideal pathway for upper level electical discharge to the earth. If, for the sake of argument, a giant (nonmatter) being was standing there towering above them, the volume of space occupied by such a being would light up at night as all the electrical discharge passed thru to the ground. The plasma would appear as smoke, or fog, during the daylight hours.

Maybe Moses was seeing the wonderful meteorological effects of the the presence of God and interpreting it as, “pillars of fire”. If you haven’t read this account, read it for yourself and see if this theory makes any sense.