“New” Quanta Theories

Thinking about Einstein’s theory and how it seems to apply to the visible universe rather nicely in so many ways. In a sense it may help us define the “ordering directive” or at least come to a fundamental grasp of what it “does”.

E=mc2 has a certian elegance in it’s simplicity. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared seems to describe the way matter and energy operate. But, it falls on it’s face when dealing with living things. Living things and in particular, people, exhibit design, elegance and gentle nurture and care at an individual level that completely explodes Einstien’s “relativity”.

I suspect that the Creator’s “ordering directives” as i am trying to understand them, for such “simple” living things as, let’s say a “snail” that’s is cleaning algae from the glass of a child’s goldfish bowl somewhere, ripple throughout the entire universe and bring it to bear on all the matter in the snail’s proximity throughout it’s entire life, and time infinitim. That is, the universe brings conformation to any directive given it by it’s designer and sustainer.

I further suspect that this may help explain the enigma behind the phenomena refered to as, “quanta”. As useful as atomic theory may be, sub-atomic “particles” don’t behave in a completely predictable fashion. They aren’t like simple little marbles spinning around each other. They wobble and vibrate and bounce around in all sort of odd ways which are collectively called, “quanta”. These quanta are in some ways predictable as we can see in the operation of such devices as, cell phones, radios, and televisions to name a few. Electrons can be directed away from atoms and into the air and thru space. As these electrons are ejected from the antenna of a radio transmitter, they can be “modulated” to produce what are called, “radio waves”. The “intensity” can be modulated to produce an, “amplitude modulated”, or “AM” “signal”, or the rythym can be altered or “frequency modulated”, as with a “FM” signal.

But, modulating electron streams has a rather limited effect on living things. They primarily effect human thought patterns and may be used to inform, inspire or amuze us when carefully manipulated. Today, we have nearly entire generations that have been raised to the beat of electronic quanta. A scarey thought, and perhaps should be reviewed more carefully.

I suspect that “i suggest as a complete idiot and incompetent in my own right” quanta is the reflection of the grace of God.

If we were to “quantify” the awesome precision and balance in which the Allmighty handles the universe, as we see in the “balances in nature” or “ecology”, i might put it this way:

“wm=infinity < wG=1"

That is, the wisdom (w) of man in its totality or “infinity” is less then the wisdom of God, or more precisely, the Creator of all (G) in it’s tiniest element, or 1. To put it more elegantly, i will quote the Bible writer, “The foolishness of God is greater then the wisdom of men.”

Science falls squarely on its face as we deal with the more complex quanta. There are so many unpredictable relationships among “particles” which effect everything around us and even ourselves. Are these in some ways the “ripplings” caused by the milleau of “command directives” being played out throughout the universe? Is that how Jesus could honestly declare, “I am alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.”

Jesus was the wisdom of God deliberately humbled to a 1. Or as much as he needed to reduce it in order to make it possible to relate to us. But, even set at a 1, we are still completely blown away by His every word. Just as the men were literally knocked off their feet when they approached Him to arrest Him. All Jesus said was, “I am He” and the resonation of that within their proximity was too much for them to maintain their balance. All he had to say was, “be still” and the a raging storm on the sea of Gallilea halted and the intensity and suddenness of the calm alarmed Jesus’ disciples.

We crucified Him because of fear. Fear that our foolishness might come to light. Our hatred and selfishness might be revealed by the One who put us here. It was a cruel effort to save face, a desperate attempt to maintain the illusion that we have of self-importance and greatness.

But, ending the Creator’s short period as a human being was also a “design directive” with a carefully planned objective. Like a “shot across the bow” of humanity to help us realize how selfish and deluded we have become. To put it more plainly and elegantly, “sinners in need of salvation”. And to think of it, all we need to do is dump or useless pride and acknowledge Jesus for who He IS! As the Bible writer so beautifully puts it, “beleive on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved…”

That’s REALLY cool!

Wayne Hollyoak

Ordering Directives

We have 4 dogs and 2 of them were barking alot last night keeping me awake. So, as i was laying in bed i thought about some theories of physics that i’ve been trying to work out in my head.

After a while i reached a tentative conclusion that came full circle to human existence. Being a computer techie, i’m used to thinking in terms of multilevel communication devices like computers that execute “commands” that are played out in specified changes in states of electronic switches.

If we are basically right about the interplay of “particles” and energies that operate to manifest this substance we call, “matter”, what we may be perceiving may be a physical law set established by the Creator primarily for the initial stage of the “human” experience.

Think of it this way, the “soul” could be an “ordering directive” sent to this physical law set we perceive as “matter”. The ordering directive in our case was set as “perpetual” as opposed to “volitile” as in the case of bacterium, insects, plant, etc. These “ordering directives” let’s say interact with the media, “matter” in order to give form and function to it as things we call “living things”.

When we look at cell division, DNA replication, cell differentiation and so forth, we are actually seeing the manifestation of these “ordering directives” being played out in this physical law set we refer to as “matter”. For humans, this “ordering directive” has been well known as the essence of our individual “being” or the “soul”.

More about this later (gotta go to work)…

Wayne Hollyoak


The concept of “intelligent design” has a long history. Only in the past 100 or so years has it lost some popularity. Mainly among intellectuals, liberal theologians, and much of the scientific establishment.

One individual that stands out as a brilliant mind and a great proponent of intelligent design was, Carl Linnaeus. He was an extremely popular lecturer, an oustanding naturalist, and enjoyed teaching others about the beauty of God’s creation.

He also is credited with the method of naming creatures with a genus name followed by a species name. Previously, everyone would use long complex names and there was rarely any agreement from one scientist to the next. Latin had been used for some time since that gave a standard that all could work from for creating names.

He was born in Sweden in 1707. He studied to become a doctor and while learning about plants as part of his training he began to focus more and more attention on them. He made several trips and studied the plants with great interest and eventually was able publish his famous, “Systema Naturae” in 1735.

Today he is considered the father of modern animal and plant classification. His classification system favored groupings that represented the original created “kinds” based on similarity of function and design. An excellent system, far superior to the much revised version we see today that has all the major groups connected by imaginary “common ancestors” and such.

Wayne Hollyoak

Smoking Guns

“Science says this”, “science says that”, blah blah blah! “Evolution teaches us this” and “evolution teaches us that”! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

Are these the great modern guru’s? A vague entity called, “science” and one of it’s most celebrated brainchilds? If that’s the case, we ARE in trouble.

Science has been in a prolonged struggle to decapitate itself. The head of ALL human endeavor, and that includes the passtime we refer to as, “science”, is the Creator, Himself. So, “science”, like a spoilled teenager, peer [review] pressure has coerced him, disdains any and all parental influences and guidance.

Now that ID has fingered(ID’d) this covert activity once and for all, what will “science” do to recover itself? Will it continue to make its case for its darwinian dead ended remake of spontaneous generation? Will it continue to plaigarize poor Lamarck with more pokes at “theistic evolution” and stuff? Will Dawkins continue to embarass himself publicly?

Watched the movie, “Solaris” again last night. What a shot across the bow that movie was! Unfortunately, science is becoming even more ugly and cruel towards people of faith. It’s becoming an inhuman machine, like a beast with a frontal lobotomy devouring people’s consciences and compassion.

Yes, Intelligent Design is the spotlight that reveals the beast that science has become and the smoking gun is how “science” has reacted. Or should i say how people who call themselves, “scientists” have reacted.

If they are truly what science represents, who would ever want to be one?

Wayne Hollyoak

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck?

Putting up a split rail fence has been a little challenging and interesting. The rails come in one length. So, you have to try to conform your fence to straight runs that are multiples of 8 feet or so. Some times that’s not possible so you have to make your own cuts to shorten the rails. That means trying to make clean angular straight cuts with a chainsaw. Sound confusing?

In the process of this excersise, i’ve learned a little bit about the properties of the wonder substance we call “wood”. It’s tough, relatively cheap, abundant and highly useful! Hey, the stuff even smells good!

What would we do without wood? But, that’s only half the story. Wood comes from, you guessed it, TREES! There are so many around that we even have places where they take over the land, called “forests”!

Maybe you’re sitting in your house right now. A very fancy nest, you might say, made out of “wood”. Wasn’t it thoughtful of the Creator to go to so much trouble to invent such an amazing thing. What wood we do without it:)

Wayne Hollyoak

Cryptozoology and Science

I was recently reading an AP story about a university professor who was being criticized for his interest an devotion to the Sasquatch or Bigfoot as it’s better known. Thought it was interesting that many of his collegues were angry that he was pursuing such a study on campus and appearing in TV shows as an expert on the subject.

Many who have studied the sasquatch, yeti, and other legendary wildmen consider them to be relic ancestors to “modern man”. It’s interesting to me that even though such creatures are a central part of man’s supposed evolution, to suggest that any sort of hairy free roaming wild man is still living in the world should draw fire from scientists.

I guess it’s because of all the litereature out there claiming that man’s more apelike “ancestors” have long since dissappeared. Or it could be due to bigfoot’s association with UFO’s and fortean science in recent years. Fortean science is the informal study of all things “out of place” or OOP and other sorts of strange phenomena.

Cryptozoology is a wonderful science that studies mysterious, legendary and elusive creatures. Animals that people claim to have seen, but aren’t recognized by mainstream science to currently exist. My favorite is the “ropen” or featherless flying reptilian animals similar to the pterosaurs of old. People periodically report seeing such things in various places around the world, but so far none have been captured or recorded in clear photos.

So, you might wonder, “with all the people in the world today with cameras ready or video cameras in hand at any given moment”, why hasn’t anyone taken some? On the other hand, we do know that there are still many new creatures being found every day. “New to science”, is a commonly used expression.

The problem with “cryptids” as they are called may be that often they present problems for “well established scientific” claims that such creatures went extinct many “millions” of years ago, as in the case of flying reptiles. Do such things still exist? Who knows? It’s only an issue if you make claims about things you really don’t understand.

Science is becoming more and more sterile and self focused these days. A society obsessed with it’s own ideas and self promotion. Or maybe the “society” has just lost touch with what science is really all about. That is, understanding life and the world around us.

Wayne Hollyoak