New Book about Creation Stories

A workbook for adults interested in studying cosmology and lots of various creation stories, scientific and religious. Did you know that the “Big Bang Theory” was named by one of it’s opponents?

In one of my articles, i write about the problems with the “Big Bang” in “The Big Bang’s Hang” . This book lets you compare some of the popular theories with modern understanding about the universe.

The Museum of Lost Wonder
by Jeff Hoke

Wayne Hollyoak

Darwin Goes Online

MSNBC has announced that the complete works of Charles Darwin have been place online. This includes his books, notes, essays.

Darwin recognized how creatures have the ability to adapt and change over successive generations. He also thought that these changes could eventually lead to totally new creatures. He seldom used the term, “evolution”, but today many credit him with the modern theory by that name.

He was a sickly man later in life and spent much of his later years bedridden perhaps from an illness he contracted during his time spent in distant lands. I wonder if dispondency about his physical condition played a role in his ideas about natural creation?

Somehow, he managed to give “spontaneous generation” credibility and today much of “science” has gone head over heals over it.

 Wayne Hollyoak