Cosmology is Spaced Out!

sputnik_eviewIt’s been a few years now since we sent up the first probe into orbit. Now there is a huge layer of space junk orbiting this planet. All of these various manmade objects had a purpose and a few still are actively sending back data. Some are taking pictures of the earth’s surface, some are making meteorological measurements, some are bouncing back telephone conversations and TV shows. Most have completed their task and just hanging out.

Ever since the Hubble telescope taught us about the multitude of galaxies afar off, there’s been a huge fascination with “deep space”. Now, it almost seems like these “cosmologists” have it all figured out: how stars are born, how they were “created” and how they “die”. Right at this moment there may be hundreds of “cosmologists” going over all sorts of data streamed back from manmade orbiters and some that are zooming thru open space to various destinations out there.

They seem so confident that radiation measurements of various sorts can tell the whole tale of each heavenly body’s  existence. That and of course those wonderful images that keep flowing back from Hubble. Every conclusion is therefore an ironclad case that hold the public in awe of the powers and intellectual skills of this lofty branch of science. I was once one of those so impressed. But, it seems that every time we get up and close to our neighboring planets of this solar system, all the predictions of what they would be like made by the same cosmology departments turned out totally wrong. So, how impressed should we be about their tall tales concerning those MUCH more distant celestial objects?

It’s my guess that they don’t have a clue about them either. Even the visible light coming from so many is reaching us after hundreds if not thousands of years travel across space. Maybe some aren’t even there any more…

How Far We’ve Fallen

A while back I read a book called, “The Light and the Glory”. It was a story about the beginnings of freedom and democracy in the US. On the surface there appeared to be great leaders who trusted the Creator and did great things. But, it didn’t say anything about the sell out to pagan secret “societies”. The push for pagan globalism was at work even in those days but at least there was a certain amount of “official” respect for the laws of God and the people of God.

Jesus never taught his disciples to conquer their enemies, but rather to bless them. Now we have supposed Christians arming themselves to the teeth in order to protect themselves from the rising antichristian sentiment in the US and the West. Jesus taught that we need not fear those that can only kill the body, but not the soul. Rather to fear Him who can do both, we should fear Him! Democracy will only work as long as the voting majority respects the laws of God Almighty. The breakdown of this has been rather precipitous of late but the roots of rebellion against the Creator have been there all along.

We say that we have democracy, but in reality our legal system is based on single case “precedents” that determine the “law of the land”. The so-called “separation of church and state” actually established the government as an antichristian system. The more that this travesty is enforced the less practicing Christians can participate which is vital to successful governance in the States. If our Creator does not lead us, we will all fall in the ditch. The US is aligning itself with the crosshairs of the judgment of our Creator.

For years we’ve been tolerating so-called “science” deceiving our children to see themselves as animals instead of God’s special and separate creation. They are taught by the antichristian evolutionist teachers they trust that Christian parents are superstitious fools that should be mocked and disdained. Stripped of any hope past the grave they often choose to live only for the moment and when their conscience gets in the way they cope with chemicals and “extreme” sports, “edgy” music, vulgarity, all too often suicide, and so on.

Where is the answer? All in the teachings of Jesus! As He says,”Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

Wayne Hollyoak

Genetic Engineering and Other Obsurdities

Science is a world of ignorance punctuated by bits of insight. This truth is evident in such human endeavors as: pharmaceuticals, evolution, education, genetically modified organisms “GMO”, gene patents, sociology, cosmology (the granddaddy of them all), physics (notably nuclear physics), to name a few.  There will always be problems when you monkey with correctly engineered things. This is so important to realize when considering altering the genetics of living things. I realize that the genomes of all living things are subject to decay and after innumerable replications of these wonderful creatures all around us and ourselves, and the forces at work , that some of the original genetic information has decayed as well.

Signs of Corn Seed Accounting?

This level of engineering is so far above anything that has ever come out of science that it makes our feeble attempts look like mud pies. So, why are we trying to fix it, or worse yet, modify it? Do the drug companies ever listen to the disclaimers in their commercials? Just think of growing use of bacterial genetic material  being spliced into corn genes to make them produce a pesticide that will protect the corn from bugs. Will that pesticide end up in the corn we eat? Will the bacteria also modify our genes to turn humans into pesticide factories? How else will the new genes effect the corn, will the bugs become resistant to the pesticide?

We’re dealing with processes and machinery operating entirely at the atomic level and therefore impossible to monitor with any level of precision. There is some level of regulation by the government and in some cases an intense approval process in place to minimize negative impact. But, then again, the organizations spearheading these efforts are science-based usually and these folks still believe in superstitious things like evolutionism and such. Breeding plants and animals based on naturally occurring variations is one thing, but playing Russian roulette  with their genes is just insanely dangerous especially when the motivation is profit driven.

Above all, it’s imperative to acknowledge that living things have a Creator who knows what we are up to! As we consider that fact, perhaps we will set aside these foolish enterprises.

Wayne Hollyoak

Making a Difference

Somehow we need to show the world that science is the silly human nonesense that it is. This will only happen as we who understand that this is so, speak up. This blog has been my way of doing so for the past 8 years or so. Actually, this blog sort of chronicles my own transition from a strong faith in science along side my Christian faith to a realization of just how much of a problem science really is for humanity.

At one time I actually thought that scientists and intellectuals were adamant against Christianity because they were ignorant of the wealth of criticism of Darwin’s theory that is out there from Creationists and other critics of evolution. Now I know the truth about the fact that so many die hard evolutionists know the creationist arguments quite well. Well at least the way they learn about them is often 3rd hand from collegues and the media and book reviews, etc.  Oh, how many times have I heard the lame excuses like, “they also say the earth is 5,000 years old”, or “those people don’t really understand evolution”, and such.

I have no idea how old the earth is- and neither does anyone else on this turf to be quite truthful! If you throw out uniformitarianism as a valid assumption, the earth could be just about any number of earth rotations. (I even had one fellow argue with me on a science forum against my supposition that the earth must have changed it’s time of rotation  or daylength quite a bit if it has been around for even a million years.) But, this is the kind of irrational thinking that permeates the sciences these days. True the earth is big and massive, but I can assure you that it is subject to external forces even as we speak.

I am determined to remind us all that science is a human endeavor and as such subject to all of the foibles that come out of fear, confusion, pride, egotism and on and on. Science puts mankind in the same position that Adam and Eve were in due to the lure of the tree, “of the knowledge of good and evil” that is falling into the trap of the serpent, Satan and believing all his lies. He hates us and sees us as scabs that are offered a place in God’s Holy Kingdom in Heaven where He has been rejected and will be sent into eternal flames. Science is the culmination of man’s rebellion against his Creator. An organization that attempts to push Christianity and any respect for our Creator completely out of humanity, as if it really could.

In hypocricy they may say that religion is OK, but that’s only as long as you make it subject to the scientific community. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ! I am ashamed of the way many Christians pander to science as though it is some great thing. It isn’t, though it could be and that’s the sad part. If it tossed evolution (common decent, not simple adaptation) and gave credit to our Creator and acknowledged that we really have no clue about the events of the distant past, there may begin to show some real usefulness to us.

If they won’t study God’s Creation from that perspective, it’s up to us that know the truth about “origins” or how living creatures got here. We don’t need anyone’s approval but the Creator Himself! Peerpressure review is garbage. Journal publication and degrees in this and that is no substitute for real logic and reasoning without sci-political trappings.

I am in an unusual position perhaps in that I know the “theory of evolution” inside and out and that has helped me see thru it as well. I really think that most people still respect the theory more out of respect of the scientific consensus rather than because they really understand the concept. It really is a case of misplaced trust and naivite. I know because I’ve been there. Now, I’m taking a stand.

Wayne Hollyoak

Why is Science Rubbish?

Science came about as the result of the knee-jerk efforts of Thomas Huxley and his cohorts in the X-Club. As a result of the reformation of the “church” that was rather more or less dominated by the Roman christianized form of polytheism, the church had reached an all time low in credibility in the public eyes. Huxley saw “evolution” as just the wedge he needed to elimate Christianity and other religions from the face of the earth. He saw the church and it’s teachings as standing in the way of “scientific discovery and progress” or something like that and brought together some of his like-minded friends into the so called X-Club so that plans could be made for the “advancement of science” as the replacement for the church as the guiding light of the world, so to speak.

Since this new “savior” of the world would have to be hard at work converting the masses and leading the flock on to all the greener pastures, it would only be fitting that they get paid and paid well.  When Huxley took over the “Royal Society” he was really able to get his crusade against the church and Christianity into high gear and we see that momentum has been maintained to this day. Has this battle been fought with swords and bullets? No, the battle has been for credibility and trust.

Huxley had fallen to the same basic blunder that the so called, “higher critics” had fallen to. The notion that “ALL THINGS” that are in effect in the universe have always been so throughout the past and will continue to be into the future. The assumption that all “physical laws” are the sole governing forces that exist and are unchanging and universal. The “higher critics” thought that they were in a position to criticize the Holy Bible just as though it was any other piece of literature. They thought that since miracles did not conform to this notion of “uniformitarianism” as they call it and so must be explained away in some manner. Darwin bought into this and so the only way he could account for the life on this planet was to dream of means of putting life here without disturbing those allmighty physical laws.

He thought, hmm living things adapt…. that adaptation can cause changes….them thar changes can accumulate over eons of time to produce whole new forms of life. There you have it, piece of cake!! Sadly, people believed it and Huxley sort of beleived it though he refused to consider himself an atheist.

Anyway, so here you have this monstrosity of an organization that is determined to interpret all of nature and the universe thru darwinian, uniformitarian eyes and impose itself as the worlds ONLY reliable source of truth. But, as you can see, it all rides on the fallicy that there are real “laws of nature” that are eternal and unchangable. If there was even one single “blip” in any of those so-called “laws” an any moment in history. Yes, that’s right, any instance at any point ever then science  and all of its information, discoveries, etc. come into question.

If the “laws” come into question, so does the credibility of everything that we call, “science”. Darwin’s “origin” story becomes just another dubious creation story that makes entertaining fiction, but has no basis in reality. Finches might adapt and change in minor ways, but we know they will never be anything but finches unless they are reengineered by someone that knows what they are doing. No natural process has the ability to turn a finch into a chicken. The fact that such creatures exist are testimony to the fact that the “laws” of nature are at best trends that exist or appear to exist at the present, but nothing should be assumed beyond that.

Suddenly, all of nature returns to its rightful place, Mystery! What ever you say about it is once again to be viewed as merely a guess. So, if science is knowledge, and we can’t trust any of that knowledge. What good is it?

Wayne Hollyoak

It’s All About Trust

It’s been about 35 years since I began to put my trust in my Creator whom I don’t see with my eyes. In that process I’ve come to realize more and more that He is trustworthy in everything. You see, He made everything and sustains us, He knows us completely and still loves us, He earns our trust and He expect us to trust Him based on His faithfulness, graciousness, holiness and love. He, “demonstrated His love towards us in that while we were yet sinners He died for us”. Everything He does for each of us is way above and beyond!

But, even after I began to trust Christ and learn the Scriptures, I was also holding on to this thing we call, “science” as a high standard, perhaps not quite as high because “science” was based on the premise that the universe created itself be natural processes. As time went on, I realized that my great “confidence” in “science” was misplaced. The more I’ve trusted my Creator, the less trust I have in “science” since I can see more clearly that “science” is just man’s limited perspective on things, whereas the Scriptures reveals our actual Creator’s view of things.

Man's biggest machine to do what???

In the final analysis I must conclude that there is no comparison between the two. For the Scripture also says, “man at his very best state is altogether vanity”. Just look at the great, “Hadron Collider”. It takes the most gigantic machine ever made by mankind to try to make sense of such a tiny thing as a subatomic particle! 17 miles of underground electromagnets and superconductors at a cost of billions just to crack open a few protons? Why? To excuse the ineptness of the “big bang theory” and such? Is it just another way we express our distrust in our Creator, or worse yet, demonstrate our contempt for Him?

Whatever it is, I’ve learned that it’s best to distance myself from the mess…

Wayne Hollyoak

Thoughts on the Nye – Ham Evolution Debate

Mr. Nye definitely expressed his huge faith in the institution we call, “science”. One of the main things he harped on over and over was the predictive ability of modern theories from science over the Biblical perspective. The Bible gives a very brief summary of how the God of Heaven went about creating everything at that time which was, “In the beginning”. It gives us the information we need to know and that’s all. All science does is observe the present and extrapolates forwards and backwards basing everthing on what we see happening now. Science predicts that what is happening now will continue in the future. Well at least as far as we have been able to observe and for the past 100 years that thinking seems to have worked for the most part. In the same breath he insists that the universe is many billions of years old and expects us to respect the assertion of his beloved “science” that that 100 years of observed natural processes must be applied to all the rest of that span of time!

Ham resisted that notion entirely and reminded the audience that observable processes can only be applied to the here and now and to extend them beyond the observed period requires faith in multitudes of assumptions. Faith in the Biblical perspective only requires have less faith in science and more trust in our Creator to give us the account of what really happened and what none of us was able to observe first hand.

Nye preached faith in science and Ham preached faith in our Creator and His account of how we got here. It amazes me that after all this time since Huxley and the X-Club started their efforts to turn the world away from the Bible and our Creator, science is still harping on the same line. Science is better than the Bible because it is man-centered and managable intellectually. The Bible predicts that man has been, is, and will continue to be  fallible and selfish and generally doesn’t have a clue.  The apish enterprise we call, “science” has effectively proven that these Biblical teachings hold true. Maybe that is an unfair comparison for the apes seem to know their place better than we.

“Man at his very best state is altogether vanity…”

Wayne Hollyoak

Are You Slipping Away?

The fall of mankind into faith in the strange religion of “evolutionism” is a textbook example of the pathological nature of sin. Our conscience operates to either push us away from what we see as wrong and evil, or to move us to self-justification and thereby drive us deeper into it. Sin is an infectious disease of the heart and mind. Anything that disturbs our conscience causes us to experience discomfort and fear. If we don’t have a solid ethical foundation and a determination to hold on to it, we will be persuaded by our society to abandon our values.

Sin is the breaking of God’s Laws. Sin is the dark side of the human conscience. Our conscience moves us to either do what is right or seek God’s forgiveness when we fail to keep God’s law. As we grow up we begin to worry more and more about social acceptance and if our culture is pushing us away from God’s Laws, our pride(or ego) will drive us to go against our conscience causing grief and unhappiness and eventually depression and sickness.

As sinners we are constantly looking for ways to turn off our conscience so it won’t eat at us. Television, music, alchohol, drugs, dangerous sports, and all sorts of stuff that we use to “ease our minds”. We become afraid of the dark, and extended silence can set us on edge and we fill our lives with murder mysteries, gossip, envy, greed and these serve to help keep our conscience at bay. Pride is the wall that we put up in our lives to try to convince ourself that we are in charge and it is based on a disrespect for our Creator.

The eventual outcome of pride is Sodom and Gomorrah, where godly people and even angels were viewed with hatred and targeted for abuse. When the men of the city heard that God’s messengers, (angels) were staying at Lot’s house, they demanded that Lot bring them out so they could gang rape them. In a very real sense they were giving God verbal equivalent to the “finger” and it illustrates what the gesture literally means. It’s a threat of rape in an effort to display dominance and “humble” the victim.

The only thing that God could find redeemable in those cities was Lot and his family and as we find out later, that vile mindset in Sodom had infected there hearts as well, sadly. So, the Creator brought Lot out before He destroyed the cities with “fire and brimstone” a hail of death. Satan is deathly afraid of our Creator and his plan is to dupe us into doing his dirty work. He wants to use us as pawns to attack our Creator if we let our conscience be “seered with a hot iron”.

When people abandon their faith in their Creator the eventual outcome will always be like Sodom. When people supersede their Creator in their hearts, hell is just around the corner. This is why sin is punished so severely. Because of our sin, we all deserve crucifiction and hell. But our Creator came as Jesus of Nazareth to take that punishment for us and we can be freed from our sin and their eternal consequences by believing this and asking for forgiveness thru Jesus.

Just like the songwriter said, “the things of earth will grow strangly dim in the light of His glory and grace.” We will no longer need to look for ways to silence our conscience and the fear of God’s judgement once we have God’s forgiveness and the peace it brings. “..may the peace of God that passes all understanding keep your hearts and mind thru Christ”. I can only tell you, you have to decide…

Wayne Hollyoak

Amazing Creation!

How do you make a code rich in information? Look at the code used for living things. It should be of no surprise that the DNA information storage and retrieval system operates at more than one level. We’ve known for a while that it is encoded to manufacture complex 3 dimensional molecules we call “proteins”. But, it’s been recently discovered that this code also is used to manufacture other sorts things in order to build and run cells. One region of a DNA strand may be encoded with a myriad of instructions and these instructions can overlap each other on the same areas of DNA.

This, of course, explodes any notion that the DNA code could have ever been written by random processes, not that there was really any chance of that being possible otherwise anyway. It’s interesting that this discovery has been made at this juncture in the history of mankind. Jesus has made this creation that we are a part of in such a way that we have no excuse whatsoever for ignoring the fact that He engineered everything.

During Jesus’ visitation on earth, He was in complete command of nature and was able to overide the natural course of events at will. He converted simple water molecules into a much more complex liquid known as “wine” and very good wine at that. That meant restructuring atoms at the subatomic level to add additional elements to produce ethyl alchohol, coloring, sugars and grape extracts for flavoring to name a few.

He was able to observe a future disciple sitting under a certain kind of tree from a long distance. At His command a powerful storm was instantly calmed to the amazement of those with Him. He was able to instantly eliminate infections and cancers and restore healthy tissues at will for anyone that asked and was willing to believe in Him. It doesn’t take much imagination to realize the immensity of such accomplishments. This sort of thing wasn’t limited to the living, but the dead as well. Jesus was able to restore not only life to dead people, but also give them back their health and vitality as well!

Jesus terrified demonic entities and sent them out of men and women giving these people back control over their lives and actions. Jesus allowed His own cruel torture and death at the hands of men He had created. Then He demonstrated the breadth of His dominion over nature by raising Himself from the dead. He even made sure that the record of these events was well documented in the indisputable greatest book ever written, The Bible as we know it today.

Read it for yourself!!

Wayne Hollyoak

How Does Darwinism Survive?

Darwin’s theory is horrible factually, intellectually(I could care less about science!) and logically. The fact that “science” has backed it whole heartedly really emphasizes just how blind and lame the big enterprise is. But, the reality is, how can science be reconciled to its perceived nemisis, the seemingly less sophisticated ‘creationists’? But, the simple argument called, “intelligent design” has sealed Darwin’s fate. Now any “scientist” that tries to refute ID is left being made to look like a kook.

To the average public it’s obvious that ID is an evolution killer. It’s the intellectuals and scientists that have for so long bashed and belittled creationists that can’t seem to break free of the antichristian mindset. The mindset that was set in place by Huxley and the X-Club, that science had replaced Christianity as the herald of a new age of human evolution and achievement instead of reconciliation, peace and devotion to our Creator thru Christ Jesus. Thomas Huxley believed that Biblical Christianity had vanished by the 2nd century and that it was now up to scientists to eliminate all vestiges of Christianity and teach the world that we are accidents of nature and our lives are meaningless and death is final.

Science is the faith of death contrasted by the faith in Jesus is life. Jesus is reality and science is a pathetic farce. And yet science holds fast to its misplaced faith in Darwin and itself. They even dig in their heels and declare some of themselves as, “evolution scientists”! They are doing all they can to paint a castle on the crumbling shack. Not a single new form of life worthy of the title, “genus” has ever been documented out of the sum 1,000,000 or so known species of life. Much less anything we can possible call a new, “order”, “family”, etc. For all we can tell natural biological adaptation is hard pressed to even produce enough change to come up with something barely resembling a new “species” even with all it’s variety of definitions.

I have had the good fortune to have a good handle on what evolution theory is having a BS in Biology and it’s helped me see thru the arguments of the evolutionists. It’s important to really digest the principles of physics, genetics, geology,  and so on. To tease out what has real support, like reversion to wilds, and what doesn’t, like common-descent. When you see the artistry in nature, you can no longer ignore a real Creator as its Artist sublime!

So, how does Darwinism survive? Because those that see thru it are cowards, too proud, too comfortable perhaps. All I can say is the Creator is watching….

Wayne Hollyoak