Why is Science Rubbish?

Science came about as the result of the knee-jerk efforts of Thomas Huxley and his cohorts in the X-Club. As a result of the reformation of the “church” that was rather more or less dominated by the Roman christianized form of polytheism, the church had reached an all time low in credibility in the public eyes. Huxley saw “evolution” as just the wedge he needed to elimate Christianity and other religions from the face of the earth. He saw the church and it’s teachings as standing in the way of “scientific discovery and progress” or something like that and brought together some of his like-minded friends into the so called X-Club so that plans could be made for the “advancement of science” as the replacement for the church as the guiding light of the world, so to speak.

Since this new “savior” of the world would have to be hard at work converting the masses and leading the flock on to all the greener pastures, it would only be fitting that they get paid and paid well.  When Huxley took over the “Royal Society” he was really able to get his crusade against the church and Christianity into high gear and we see that momentum has been maintained to this day. Has this battle been fought with swords and bullets? No, the battle has been for credibility and trust.

Huxley had fallen to the same basic blunder that the so called, “higher critics” had fallen to. The notion that “ALL THINGS” that are in effect in the universe have always been so throughout the past and will continue to be into the future. The assumption that all “physical laws” are the sole governing forces that exist and are unchanging and universal. The “higher critics” thought that they were in a position to criticize the Holy Bible just as though it was any other piece of literature. They thought that since miracles did not conform to this notion of “uniformitarianism” as they call it and so must be explained away in some manner. Darwin bought into this and so the only way he could account for the life on this planet was to dream of means of putting life here without disturbing those allmighty physical laws.

He thought, hmm living things adapt…. that adaptation can cause changes….them thar changes can accumulate over eons of time to produce whole new forms of life. There you have it, piece of cake!! Sadly, people believed it and Huxley sort of beleived it though he refused to consider himself an atheist.

Anyway, so here you have this monstrosity of an organization that is determined to interpret all of nature and the universe thru darwinian, uniformitarian eyes and impose itself as the worlds ONLY reliable source of truth. But, as you can see, it all rides on the fallicy that there are real “laws of nature” that are eternal and unchangable. If there was even one single “blip” in any of those so-called “laws” an any moment in history. Yes, that’s right, any instance at any point ever then science  and all of its information, discoveries, etc. come into question.

If the “laws” come into question, so does the credibility of everything that we call, “science”. Darwin’s “origin” story becomes just another dubious creation story that makes entertaining fiction, but has no basis in reality. Finches might adapt and change in minor ways, but we know they will never be anything but finches unless they are reengineered by someone that knows what they are doing. No natural process has the ability to turn a finch into a chicken. The fact that such creatures exist are testimony to the fact that the “laws” of nature are at best trends that exist or appear to exist at the present, but nothing should be assumed beyond that.

Suddenly, all of nature returns to its rightful place, Mystery! What ever you say about it is once again to be viewed as merely a guess. So, if science is knowledge, and we can’t trust any of that knowledge. What good is it?

Wayne Hollyoak

Making Time

This is an interesting expression. You “make time” by getting somewhere faster then usual. If you go over the speed limit on the way to work and get there 5 minutes earlier than usual, you’ve “made” a little time for your self in a sense. Especially if you’re “running late”! Any way you can stay ahead of schedule “buys” you a little time. What that time is used for depends. You may want to take a nap in order to recover from the anxiety of speeding and “taking those chances”.

There are other ways that we like to “make time”. Making time can be very useful if you make up a theory about past events. What’s a few million years here and there? None of us were there to see if they ever happened. But, tall tales never caught momentum in western civilization the way they have with followers of Darwin. “Natural selection” can create all sorts of new creatures, you just need to create the time needed. (Never mind the fact that nature stubbornly insists on maintaining the status quo.) Still, they say “no problem, just sprinkle that magic time dust over it” as if that could make nature comply to fanciful human notions.

So, if all of this Darwinian stuff IS nonsense, what then? First of all, we don’t have the foggiest how long ago living things first appeared on this planet. Why does it really matter? Second, there is a record of how it got started. I suggest we suffice with the Scriptures and preserve that mystery.

“…redeeming the time, for the days are evil…”

Wayne Hollyoak


How many blueprint drawings would it take to describe everything about a grasshopper? A few thousand, maybe even a million or more! And yet, there are perhaps 2 million species out there and each one engineered with precision and great care. The means by which this took place none of us can tell.  What steps were involve in this fantastic undertaking?

The God of creation has such a huge monumental investment in His creatures which of course includes us. He also made an enormous investment in the dinosaurs and there came a time when they were no longer needed and they were destroyed. I wonder how our Creator sees this. We grieve at the loss of one species or another even though we have no investment in them. The thylacine, the Dodo, the carrier pigeon etc. have been our victims. How many more will we snuff out?

Wayne Hollyoak

What Happened to Mars?

One of my earlier posts was about the “Valles Marineras” I think it is called. That is a very interesting region on the red planet and I’m quite sure that it’s a scar left by an enormously devestating and powerful event that took place some time in the planet’s past. If Mars ever was supportive of a carbon-based ecosystem, that event would have put a fiery end to it.

The "scar" called Valles Marineras on Mars

I’m pretty sure that a rather large comet or asteroid punched thru the planet’s crust at a certain angle and speed that let it travel quite a distance beneath the surface opening the huge fissure along the planet’s surface and spewing an incredibly huge amount of debris way out into space which fell into obits of their own producing what we refer today as the, “asteroid belt”. The scar is actually a rupture of the of the side of the planet with a rather clear circular entrance and exit scar at its beginning and end.

If this is what really happened to Mars, it would have vaporized all carbon-based living things as the planet-wide firestorm consumed all the oxygen if it was ever present. I doubt that any trace of life would have not been destroyed and any surface water would have expanded and been pushed out into open space. Of course there is nothing to say that there ever was any life on the planet. Today all that appears to be left of any atmosphere is a little carbon dioxide.

Vesta is a giant asteroid with long scars. Are they from the punch thru?

From the looks of some of the surface photos I’ve viewed from the NASA site there appears to be quite a few liquid lakes that would presuably contain CO2 in the liquid state although NASA so far has not confirmed this publicly at least. Now I could be wrong about the CO2 lakes it could just be that the gas is denser in those regions or some strange optical effect giving the appearance of liquid lakes.

Oxygen in earth’s atmosphere is stabilized with a generous amount of nitrogen and CO2 so that it won’t ignite in a worldwide firestorm killing everthing. In a Northern Russian region called, “Tunguska” there was the site of an enourmous explosion in the early 1900’s. I”m guessing that was a natural gas explosion where a large area of land was filled with an accumulation natural gas in sufficient concentration that when Mr. Tesla was playing with his atmospheric high voltage electrical experiments attempting to make some sort of aurora on the polar region in order to be seen by some polar explorers, that this intense electrical atmospheric charge set off the built up natural gas causing an explosion big enough to level vast regions of large forests trees like dominos falling away from the epicenter of the blast.

Most seem to hold to the meteor bolide explanation for this, but to date no evidence of a crater or sufficient meteor fragments have been found there to support their claim. As huge as that explosion must have been, it’s small change compared to the energy that would have been released into the Mars atmosphere during a moon sized asteroid/comet punch thru.

Could Mars ever be able to support carbon-based life like on Earth?? Possibly, but it would take a huge amount of work and time to induce the ecologic succession of events needed to get things going. Start with CO2 metabalizing extremophile bacteria and let them start pumping out nitrogen gas and oxygen until the atmosphere becomes dense enough to moderate and elevate the air temperatures to the point that you could set loose various hydrogen producers so that that hydrogen-rich atmosphere could combine with the growing amount of oxygen and gradually the CO2 would be replaced by water ice and snow until conditions for photosynthesizing plant life could be established. If the atmospheric temperature could rise enough to allow water to thaw you could add all sorts of plants to raise the oxygen levels sufficiently and away you go.

Obviously, this is something that is way out of the our league as humans. There may not be any creatures still in existence capable of surviving on Mars in its current state. To really prime the pump of any ecosystem from scratch you need to be fantastically powerful and intelligent! Only the glorious Creator revealed in the Bible is capable of such a thing. Jesus did so on this planet and He could do so on others as well if He wished.

Of course it would require very careful planning and diligent work by huge armys of people to pull such a thing off. When our Creator did so here on earth, he had all the resource in heaven at His disposal if He wanted. He also had complete control of what sorts of “cultivating” creatures He wanted to use to make our ecosystem come into being.

What a fantastic and wonderful place He has made for us!!! If you don’t know Him, get to know Him thru His Son, Jesus the Christ. He said, “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, no on comes to the Father but through Me.”

Wayne Hollyoak

Thoughts on the Serpent and Eve

The account of the fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis is one of the best known events recorded in the Scriptures. This past weekend my wife and I taught about this to some 4th graders in Sunday School. One child said that snakes don’t speak and I thought about that for a while. I know that the One who engineered that serpent would have no problem giving it human speech if the occasion called for it.

But, there is an interesting detail in the account that makes THIS serpent far more mysterious. After it conned Eve into her sin and later Adam’s sin, the Creator placed a curse on the serpent so that it would have to crawl on its belly from then on. So, what was the serpent like before it crawled on its belly as snakes do now? Some time back I saw one of the Jurrasic Park movies and in one scene a voicebox like object from velociraptor is shown to give evidence that the velociraptor was well equipped for vocal communication.

Could Satan have used a v-raptor as his mouthpiece in the Garden that day? There’s certainly no way to tell what the pre-fall serpent looked like, but it must have had legs. Today nearly all reptiles are mute and most use hissing sounds when threatened. Alligators can utter low frequency rumbles. If it was a v-raptor, it no doubt would have been guite an experience for Eve. It makes me wonder if other dinosaurs were reengineered as creatures we refer to as “snakes” today. That would help explain why so many kinds of snakes exist today.

The Creator is free to reengineer any of  His creatures at will whenever He chooses just as the Bible tells us he did with the once-legged, but now legless serpent. Transforming any creature into something very different that can continue to reproduce and thrive will always require an Engineer of enormous skill and wisdom.

Wayne Hollyoak

What Happened to the Garden?

People will spend their whole lives trying to solve various mysteries and enigmas. For some of us an unsolved murder case can frustrate us to the point of obsession and many sleepless nights. For others maybe it’s the so called Bermuda Triangle, or maybe the chemical makeup of a distant star. Speculation is a human passion that often proves to be way out in left field. Especially about things that we cannot directly observe like if there is life on other planets and such.

I suppose there’ve been entire books written on the subject of the Garden of Eden. We have a little information about the place including a brief description of its location. But, we can speculate all day long, or year long and never come any closer to solving the mystery.

However, if you get to know the One that made the garden, you will understand that many of the creatures around us were introduced to the world in that place. They may have looked somewhat different in those days after so many generations and mutations eating away at their genetic code.  How much have they changed and how many new creatures have been introduced since then? We can speculate all we want about the animals behind all those amazing fossils and such and miss the point.

We are here along with a huge world full of all sorts of creatures and we have no way of going back to when they arrived here and watch the process as it was unfolding. The more I’ve studied the various creatures around me and in my travels, the more I’ve come to appreciate them as they are, today!  I don’t have to scrutinize them and dissect and collect them in order to understand them, I can just look at them with awe and wonder! We have so much to be thankful for with all these creature engineered with great care in order to support our existence for our brief sojourn on this great planet!

Wayne Hollyoak

Why Evolution is a Hoax at Best

Evolution as a theory of origins completely humiliates science. It makes a creator god out of mutation and adaptation and so-called “natural selection”. It insists that all of the diversity of life on earth is the result of a designer that must (by the declaration of the US Supreme Court) be taught in public schools as having an IQ of ZERO!

Evolution as a theory of origins or in other words as a “creation story” stands in the face of everything we know about how complex things are brought into being. Whether it be a whicker basket or a space shuttle, and certainly something an order of magnitude more complex and efficient like a living cell, you will always need someone with adequate skills and resources to put it together. A basket requires a certain level of skill and intelligence, a space shuttle was the result of a team of the world’s best engineers with proven intelligence, a living cell cannot come into existence without the required skill and intelligence! No matter how you try to slice and dice mutation and adaptation, without the required intelligence or decision making skills, and resources required, a living reproducing cell (much less a fish, or ant, or human) could not have come into existence!

So, what do I conclude about how this great creation came about? I admit that I don’t have much more than a few sentences about it given to us by the One behind it. I must be carefull not to interpret those passages of scripture or alter them to say what I like. The One that engineered life on earth is One that deserves deep respect for the record He has given us. Is the New Testament the only place where our Creator uses parables? I don’t know! It’s not my place to judge and neither is it yours.

The theory of evolution as a creation story is just a justification for blasphemy and nothing more. It’s an abnomination that a godless generation wants to throw up in the face of the Creator of the universe and us. The Creator that proved His love for us and sustains us at this very moment. The One that deserves our love, confidence and the highest respect. It attempts to take away our Creator’s rights to his creation including us and reducing His reality to just “blind faith, sentiment, tradition, human imagination” or worse.

Wayne Hollyoak

Looking Through a Glass Darkly

US public tv has been running a series of new shows about the universe. It chronicles the “advances” in our understanding of the universe. The “big bang”, the Hubble Telescope, “dark energy” and “dark matter” and stuff like that. First there was the “red shift” and the “expanding universe”, then there was the “big bang idea”, then the establishment for the “age” of the universe at “13.7 Billion Years” based on the supposed accelleration of objects out there and so forth.

They make is sound as if everything has been figured out! The wonderful achievements of man with celebrations and award ceremonies! Now, there are the challenges of “dark energy and dark matter” to tackle. The space telescope has revealed a vast and complex universe most of which is a visual artifact from many millions of years in the past. We have no way of actually telling if any of it is still really there if it’s much further out past our own little galaxy, the “Milky Way”.

In fact, we have only just recently managed to send a probe out beyond this tiny solar system. We think we know so much about the universe and yet as this lonely probe leaves our solar system into open space there is bated breath waiting to find out what open space is really like. So, what’s just outside of our solar system is still a mystery. That might only be a few “light hours” away. So, how much do we REALLY know about these phantoms that we see in the night sky. So many of which existed million and even billions of years ago if they are right about that. For all we know, they may have been removed long ago leaving a visual record a long stream of radiation that could run out at any moment.

Science is a game of educated guessing and NOTHING MORE! The fundamental rule of modern science is, “seeing is believing”. A sort of “photon-based” reality show based on fringe ideas that grab our imaginations. Just like so many scifi shows that paint a loosly “science” based picture of space, the future, etc. But, never seem to touch on financial accountability. How even crude space flight programs like the space shuttle can bring NASA to it’s knees.

Jesus worked long and hard to cultivate a place for mankind to be introduced. He knew full well the price He would have to pay for His efforts and hard work to give us a place that we could enjoy and hopefully appreciate. Maybe you find it hard to believe. But, that won’t make it any less true. Reality is reality.

In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All things were made for Him and by Him. Without Him was not anything made that was made. He came to His own and His own received Him not. But, to as many as received Him He gave them power to become the sons of God. Even to as many as believed on His Name. (The Book of John chapter one)

Wayne Hollyoak

Chapter One of Darwin’s “Favored Races” Book is Mostly Breeder Bull

Been reading Charlie Darwin’s famous book about his so-called, “Favored Races” or “Origin of Species” and it’s a good example of how you should never judge a book by it’s reputation. If you look at the Amazon.com reviews, you’d think that it was the greatest piece of literature ever produced! Well I have to say that if the first chapter is any indication of the rest of the book, it’s not looking very positive. Charlie just goes on and on about all this BS about how all these breeders have been capable of transforming this creature into that within just a few short generations. I feel badly that he really believes half of it. Then he pipes in with some of his own breeding prowess claiming that he had, “produced every sort of feather in his pigeons that you could imagine in just a few generations”.  Let’s see, how many bird of paradise tail feathers did he come up with, much less peacock,,, well.

But, we all know how guys are prone to BS, especially when there’s a little competition goin on! Then there’s the dude that brags about how he can breed any sort of sheep he wanted at will in only 3 generations!!! Charlie seems to hold that character in the highest regard… Of course that’s not to say that in very controlled conditions some very odd varieties of creatures can be sustained for multiple generations. That’s humans selectively breeding various creatures, which is a far cry from how nature works. Humans choose creatures both male and female that have the traits desired and form a “pedigree”. Creatures that are unnaturally isolated and artificially nurtured and carefully inbred.

Honestly, I was expecting more even though I know how bad his “science” really was. Maybe the second chapter will not be as bad? After all he didn’t know a thing about genetics and how inheritence really works. He mentions the “reversion to wilds” rule of breeding that reminds us of the power of nature to unravel all our best breeding efforts and return a creature to more or less its original natural type in only a few generations. If not, they probably won’t survive in the wild at all. He claims “but natural selection, as will hereafter be explained, will determine how far the new characters thus arising shall be preserved”. And indeed they shall, not to the help of significant change.

Nature breeds for genetic health and physical and behavioral conformity, whereas human-bred creatures are notoriously plagued by, and even selected for, genetic disease. If Darwin was looking to build a case for variability by showcasing that kind of stuff, it is a foolish and irresponsible way to go about it. As a naturalist himself he should know quite well that nature operates on an entirely different criteria from man.

Well, I’ll keep reading. Maybe things’ll get better…

Wayne Hollyoak

How Great was the Flood?

Could it be argued that there are quite a few fossils out there? Of course! There are even quite a few areas that have large dinosaurs heaped together as if were deposited there by very powerful forces. Tsunami perhaps, or washed away by extreme flooding and entombed in earth and mud.

I can assure that the flood of Noah was of “Biblical proportions” and that there is no reason to assume that it was a completely “natural” event. There also was likely global deforestation and a following ice-age as a result. Animal remains rarely last longer than 20 years when exposed to the elements. Theiy must be buried not long after their death in order to be preserved in any way.

The earth is an immense flood zone with layers upon layers of sediment and sedimentary rock. Was it all produced by a singe great flood (and associated multitude of tsunamis)? The Bible states that the “fountains of the great deep” were opened. Was this a reference to volcanic activity or rupture of many aquifers or both?

The main thing I want to express is that the flood of Noah’s time was a massive and devestating ecological disaster with worldwide killoff of the existing creatures. It was not a natural event. The creator is in no way subject to natural laws, rather they are completely subject to Him. So, don’t expect the evidence of the flood to be of a natural event. Besides, we’ve all seen what a powerful tsunami can do. Just multiply that by a million and there you have the flood of Noah.

Wayne Hollyoak