How Many People Realize That Darwin was Off?

“The wages of sin is death…” No matter how many excuses we offer for our actions, when it comes to sin the result is always death! One sin that many committed during Darwin’s day was “racial prejudice” and that disease is still around today. One way of belittling people of other “races” is to compare them to animals such as monkeys. Darwin’s creation story is just his way of justifying his racist ideals. He sees living creatures as gradually transitioning into “higher forms” over numerous generations.

To use one’s reputation as a springboard for spreading lies about the Creator and mankind is cruel at best and insane at worst. To say that the Creator had no active involvement in the Creation of life on this planet is wicked and speaks against mankind and the One who put us here! Now the infectious disease called, Darwinism, had spread throughout the West and is moving into the East as well.

Darwinism and it’s self-centered brother, “science”, are enjoying ill gotten credibility currently and there are powerful organizations in place to enforce that status. Evolution is the only creation story allowed in public education at this time. There have been no new kinds of creatures that have ever been identified since Darwin. Adaptation seems to be at work in some, but that is always very limited. Our genetic machinery is very good at finding and correcting errors, those that get past those protections MUST not interfere with health and vitality, but they generally do. In humans genetic errors (aka diseases) number in the thousands and that number is increasing.

If anything is “evolving” it is in the wrong direction as new mutations emerge and cause new problems. The truth is that there are no “races” of human beings. Just one race with a wide range of skin color and other traits. The belief that there are races of man, or racism is a Darwinian notion and comes off the heals of evolutionary and like thinking. Today, Darwin would have been considered “red-neck” or a racist bigot, the inspiration for the KKK and neo-Nazis and the like.

We’ve learned a lot since then. Achievements in academics, the arts, business, etc. have debunked Darwin’s creation myth as far as mankind is concerned. All so-called “races” have made equal contributions in all areas. But, the disease of Darwinism continues to spread and turn children against their parents and people everywhere against the God who made them.

Wayne Hollyoak

Genetic Engineering and Other Obsurdities

Science is a world of ignorance punctuated by bits of insight. This truth is evident in such human endeavors as: pharmaceuticals, evolution, education, genetically modified organisms “GMO”, gene patents, sociology, cosmology (the granddaddy of them all), physics (notably nuclear physics), to name a few.  There will always be problems when you monkey with correctly engineered things. This is so important to realize when considering altering the genetics of living things. I realize that the genomes of all living things are subject to decay and after innumerable replications of these wonderful creatures all around us and ourselves, and the forces at work , that some of the original genetic information has decayed as well.

Signs of Corn Seed Accounting?

This level of engineering is so far above anything that has ever come out of science that it makes our feeble attempts look like mud pies. So, why are we trying to fix it, or worse yet, modify it? Do the drug companies ever listen to the disclaimers in their commercials? Just think of growing use of bacterial genetic material  being spliced into corn genes to make them produce a pesticide that will protect the corn from bugs. Will that pesticide end up in the corn we eat? Will the bacteria also modify our genes to turn humans into pesticide factories? How else will the new genes effect the corn, will the bugs become resistant to the pesticide?

We’re dealing with processes and machinery operating entirely at the atomic level and therefore impossible to monitor with any level of precision. There is some level of regulation by the government and in some cases an intense approval process in place to minimize negative impact. But, then again, the organizations spearheading these efforts are science-based usually and these folks still believe in superstitious things like evolutionism and such. Breeding plants and animals based on naturally occurring variations is one thing, but playing Russian roulette  with their genes is just insanely dangerous especially when the motivation is profit driven.

Above all, it’s imperative to acknowledge that living things have a Creator who knows what we are up to! As we consider that fact, perhaps we will set aside these foolish enterprises.

Wayne Hollyoak

Making Time

This is an interesting expression. You “make time” by getting somewhere faster then usual. If you go over the speed limit on the way to work and get there 5 minutes earlier than usual, you’ve “made” a little time for your self in a sense. Especially if you’re “running late”! Any way you can stay ahead of schedule “buys” you a little time. What that time is used for depends. You may want to take a nap in order to recover from the anxiety of speeding and “taking those chances”.

There are other ways that we like to “make time”. Making time can be very useful if you make up a theory about past events. What’s a few million years here and there? None of us were there to see if they ever happened. But, tall tales never caught momentum in western civilization the way they have with followers of Darwin. “Natural selection” can create all sorts of new creatures, you just need to create the time needed. (Never mind the fact that nature stubbornly insists on maintaining the status quo.) Still, they say “no problem, just sprinkle that magic time dust over it” as if that could make nature comply to fanciful human notions.

So, if all of this Darwinian stuff IS nonsense, what then? First of all, we don’t have the foggiest how long ago living things first appeared on this planet. Why does it really matter? Second, there is a record of how it got started. I suggest we suffice with the Scriptures and preserve that mystery.

“…redeeming the time, for the days are evil…”

Wayne Hollyoak

How Does Darwinism Survive?

Darwin’s theory is horrible factually, intellectually(I could care less about science!) and logically. The fact that “science” has backed it whole heartedly really emphasizes just how blind and lame the big enterprise is. But, the reality is, how can science be reconciled to its perceived nemisis, the seemingly less sophisticated ‘creationists’? But, the simple argument called, “intelligent design” has sealed Darwin’s fate. Now any “scientist” that tries to refute ID is left being made to look like a kook.

To the average public it’s obvious that ID is an evolution killer. It’s the intellectuals and scientists that have for so long bashed and belittled creationists that can’t seem to break free of the antichristian mindset. The mindset that was set in place by Huxley and the X-Club, that science had replaced Christianity as the herald of a new age of human evolution and achievement instead of reconciliation, peace and devotion to our Creator thru Christ Jesus. Thomas Huxley believed that Biblical Christianity had vanished by the 2nd century and that it was now up to scientists to eliminate all vestiges of Christianity and teach the world that we are accidents of nature and our lives are meaningless and death is final.

Science is the faith of death contrasted by the faith in Jesus is life. Jesus is reality and science is a pathetic farce. And yet science holds fast to its misplaced faith in Darwin and itself. They even dig in their heels and declare some of themselves as, “evolution scientists”! They are doing all they can to paint a castle on the crumbling shack. Not a single new form of life worthy of the title, “genus” has ever been documented out of the sum 1,000,000 or so known species of life. Much less anything we can possible call a new, “order”, “family”, etc. For all we can tell natural biological adaptation is hard pressed to even produce enough change to come up with something barely resembling a new “species” even with all it’s variety of definitions.

I have had the good fortune to have a good handle on what evolution theory is having a BS in Biology and it’s helped me see thru the arguments of the evolutionists. It’s important to really digest the principles of physics, genetics, geology,  and so on. To tease out what has real support, like reversion to wilds, and what doesn’t, like common-descent. When you see the artistry in nature, you can no longer ignore a real Creator as its Artist sublime!

So, how does Darwinism survive? Because those that see thru it are cowards, too proud, too comfortable perhaps. All I can say is the Creator is watching….

Wayne Hollyoak

Maybe They Should Scrap It

Cosmology has to be the bologna king! Where do they come up with this stuff? A nova, the “birth of a star”, a “planet made of diamonds”, “gases condensing in space”? Science is lost in space and Dr. Smith is sure that the robot is just a big babbling buffoon. They tell us these objects out there are “light years” away and yet they know everything about them. Their age, how they got there, what planets are circling the stars, their size, composition, atmosphere contents and if they are anything like earth. The whole science of cosmology is well, far fetched.

If these guys really want to make a profound statement about the cosmos, it would go more like this, “we are astonished by all we see and the mystery of it all just keeps growing!” If they were wise, they’d just leave it at that. But, that’d be only partly true, cause we know that the Creator engineered it. Their purpose is to be lights for us and help us keep track of days and seasons. Anything beyond that is second guessing at best and vulgar for the most part.

First there was “atomic theory”, then there was “quantum” theory and they “string theory” and now it’s the “Higg’s Boson” or the “God Particle” and who knows what they’ll dream up next. Sometimes I wonder if E=mc2 wasn’t some tongue in cheek from the great theorist. It really seems that Einstien was just using the speed of light squared in the equation as a handy expression of enormity since the units that each represents aren’t even given. It just sounds like a clever was of stating that there’s a load of energy available in them thar masses! It’s relative, that’s all.

Well anyway, my point is that if scientists are really after the truth and any understanding of this reality, they ought to first confess that what those heavenly bodies are and how they were made is a MYSTERY! And if they were honest, they’d just leave it at that! Sorry folks the show is over, gasses don’t compress in space to make baby stars. All that stuff is way too far away to really be understood!

Wayne Hollyoak

Thoughts on the Serpent and Eve

The account of the fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis is one of the best known events recorded in the Scriptures. This past weekend my wife and I taught about this to some 4th graders in Sunday School. One child said that snakes don’t speak and I thought about that for a while. I know that the One who engineered that serpent would have no problem giving it human speech if the occasion called for it.

But, there is an interesting detail in the account that makes THIS serpent far more mysterious. After it conned Eve into her sin and later Adam’s sin, the Creator placed a curse on the serpent so that it would have to crawl on its belly from then on. So, what was the serpent like before it crawled on its belly as snakes do now? Some time back I saw one of the Jurrasic Park movies and in one scene a voicebox like object from velociraptor is shown to give evidence that the velociraptor was well equipped for vocal communication.

Could Satan have used a v-raptor as his mouthpiece in the Garden that day? There’s certainly no way to tell what the pre-fall serpent looked like, but it must have had legs. Today nearly all reptiles are mute and most use hissing sounds when threatened. Alligators can utter low frequency rumbles. If it was a v-raptor, it no doubt would have been guite an experience for Eve. It makes me wonder if other dinosaurs were reengineered as creatures we refer to as “snakes” today. That would help explain why so many kinds of snakes exist today.

The Creator is free to reengineer any of  His creatures at will whenever He chooses just as the Bible tells us he did with the once-legged, but now legless serpent. Transforming any creature into something very different that can continue to reproduce and thrive will always require an Engineer of enormous skill and wisdom.

Wayne Hollyoak

Passive versus Active Engineering in Living Things

From an engineering standpoint it’s very important to emphasise the advantages of direct engineering over passive engineering. Passive engineering relies exclusively on trial and error. Edison developed the incadescent light bulb in this way. He knew that a metal wire would emit light when enough elecrical current was passed thru it. The problem was to get that light to be emitted  at a temperature sufficiently below the metal’s melting point. And, after a long process of trying all sorts of different metal wires he eventually tried tungsten and got the results he wanted. Passive engineering is slow and inefficient to say the least. If Edison had more complete data on the light emission vs. melting point characteristics of all metals at his disposal, he could have known exactly which one to use and could have actively engineered his light bulb based on that information. He might have realized that plasma based lighting would have been a much better path to pursue had he been privy to plasma physics. When it came time to generate the needed electrical power to light all those bulbs he was making Edison’s passive approach to engineering kept him in the direct current box. Nichola Tesla had a more active approach to engineering that freed him from endless trials and errors. He instead ran the trials mentally and was able to produce a completely functual “prototype” without any need for physical trials. Tesla had a mind for physics that was way beyond Edison’s. He realized that electricity travelled farther and more efficientlywhen the electrons were just shoved back and forth instead of pushed exclusively in one direction. The electrons just needed to pass thru the wire, it didn’t matter which direction they were going. So Edison failed miserably to light all his light bulbs with his DC generators. Today AC generators keep up a power grid that spans continents with amazing efficiency thanks to Tesla’s active approach to engineering.

Living things were actively engineered. We know this because precise understanding of physics that is needed to even half-way reproduce it by human efforts. Darwin thought that passive engineering could have engineered all of life on earth by “natural selection” that is passive engineering or trial and error at work in nature. Darwinism is exclusively a passive engineering creation myth. It might be a little better than some pagan myths, but not by much.

Trial and error passive engineering is just a little bit past futile, but it’s pretty close. And that approach is much closer to futile in the world of bio-engineering. To bio-engineer things right you need first a full knowledge of 3-dimensional molecular physics and that means a tour de force ability to build molecular machinery to fulfill all the needs of a living organism that can replicate itself precisely and continuously. This is by no means the stuff of passive engineering even with an infinite amount of time. It just won’t happen!!!

Wayne Hollyoak

Simplistic Science

I’ve been thinking about how pathetic science has become as a result of taking it’s prefered path down the atheistic road to nowhere. I try to keep track of the comments made of various sites about ID and give the antichristian scoffers something to chew on. Just throw out a little bone to see if they can grasp the fact that Darwin was out to lunch with his self-made creation fable.

Science has lifted up its voice against our real Creator and His people and the end of that sort of sin is never good! Think of it, is there another religion in all the world that has invented a more simplistic and pathetic creation myth as evolution? It’s like saying that the Mona Lisa is a finger painting made be a 2 year old only several orders of magnitude more vile.

I’m saying all this because I know that there are still a few out there that care about the truth. So, I want you to know that the Spirit of Jesus the Christ IS the Spirit of Truth! If anyone will come to Him, they will know the Truth and the Truth will set them free!

So, I’m embarassed to admit that I ever had respect of science and I feel badly for anyone who still does. They have less understanding of what life is really about then a newborn and yet they talk like they have just about all the universe figured out.

The scientist boasts of his published babblings about this and that,
that tickle the ears of his peers with a rat a tat tat.
He pursues his research and experimental studies,
To skillfully pursuade his doubtful buddies.

In Darwin’s pigeon cage he sits
though when the creationist rattles it
He won’t fly out but rather fits.
He prefers the voice of the dead man,
that has imprisoned his soul.

His pride soars above the heavens,
his mind flys far above his head,
The scientist goes up to his highest perch,
To fool himself that his Creator is not.

Darwin had many pigeons then and many more today.
They still sit in his cage and every so often a creationist,
Comes along to try to clean his mess out.
With great wise sounding words the pigeon talks down to him
They smear their mess on them if they can.

But, who really cares what the scientist has to say,
Other than the other pigeons in Darwin’s cage?

Wayne Hollyoak

What’s Really Understood About Space?

NASA's Voyager Spacecraft


Two similar spacecraft that were launched back in the 70’s are approaching the edge of our solar system. They both have nuclear powered batteries that allows them to keep their electrical systems alive indefinitely without depending on solar panels.  As the light from the Sun becomes less intense to the point that they are not of much use.  At some point it is expected that the direction of motion of the solar wind will change and cease to be predominantly from our sun signalling their departure from the sphere of our star’s influence and entrance into “interstellar space” as they say.

NASA expects this to happen for the further of the two craft at any time assuming that this threshold is uniformly spherical in shape. Assuming also that this is what will happen at all since such an event has never been studied directly in this way. How will radio transmission be effected by this transition? Will the power of the signal fall off somehow or remain the same? We can only guess what will happen. There will no doubt be some surprises in store as old theories make way for new ones.

As I’ve said before, we must have a deep respect for the Creator before ever coming to a real understanding of His Creation and that includes “space”. Those that assume that the universe was “spontaneously generated” like much of “modern science” rely completely on existing physical laws to explain everything about everything. Once you come to realise that there is a Creator behind it all, you know the physical “laws” are completely plastic to this Creator. I prefer to call them the “properties of the present physical state” which have been put into effect at this time. How long this has been so and how long it will continue is impossible to determine and is totally up to this immeasurably, immensely powerful person.

The same person that humbled Himself and took on the form of a humble servant as Jesus.

Wayne Hollyoak

What Happened to the Garden?

People will spend their whole lives trying to solve various mysteries and enigmas. For some of us an unsolved murder case can frustrate us to the point of obsession and many sleepless nights. For others maybe it’s the so called Bermuda Triangle, or maybe the chemical makeup of a distant star. Speculation is a human passion that often proves to be way out in left field. Especially about things that we cannot directly observe like if there is life on other planets and such.

I suppose there’ve been entire books written on the subject of the Garden of Eden. We have a little information about the place including a brief description of its location. But, we can speculate all day long, or year long and never come any closer to solving the mystery.

However, if you get to know the One that made the garden, you will understand that many of the creatures around us were introduced to the world in that place. They may have looked somewhat different in those days after so many generations and mutations eating away at their genetic code.  How much have they changed and how many new creatures have been introduced since then? We can speculate all we want about the animals behind all those amazing fossils and such and miss the point.

We are here along with a huge world full of all sorts of creatures and we have no way of going back to when they arrived here and watch the process as it was unfolding. The more I’ve studied the various creatures around me and in my travels, the more I’ve come to appreciate them as they are, today!  I don’t have to scrutinize them and dissect and collect them in order to understand them, I can just look at them with awe and wonder! We have so much to be thankful for with all these creature engineered with great care in order to support our existence for our brief sojourn on this great planet!

Wayne Hollyoak