Myths are Mounting

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my new site, ““. I recommend spending some time there. Science has been really digging in it’s heals. I’m amazed at the way that creationists have been diss’d by pop science. Scientism seems to be taking over Western culture in a big way.

So, I’ve decided to leave my respect and admiration for “science” behind and instead focus on the wave of mythology that I had for so long taken seriously. Some of the newer stuff that’s come out like the “Kepler Planets” give clear evidence of just how far science has gone away from objectivity and reason. Creating entire imaginary worlds with detailed full 3D color simulations of such “planets” all based on wobbles of their host stars?? It’s just nuts!!

But that’s how things will be when we try to deny our Creator’s existence. We will only work harder and harder to push His truth away…

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